Voluptuous velvets

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The luxurious softness of velvet adds real comfort to a home. The rich feel of velvet is both sensual and warm and can elevate an ordinary interior into the extraordinary. By simply incorporating voluptuous velvets into a design scheme you can instantly create a sense of opulence and drama

Velvet isabelle sofa

For the most indulgent of boudoirs, try out the fabulously elegant IsabelleVelvet marion sofa Three Seater Sofa for size. This beauty comes in a rainbow of different shades in the softest, velvety fabric and combines well with the velvet-buttoned chic of the Honfleur double bedstead.

If space is at a premium and a large velvet sofa is out of the question, consider a shot of velvety luxury with the more compact Ashley Manor Harlequin Marion wing chair. Elegant and simple and coming in a range of jewel colours, this petite velvet chair radiates style.

For the ultimate in relaxation, put your feet up at the end of an exhausting day on the Sophie footstool from Ashley Manor. Coming in a variety of colours in a plush velvety finish, this buttoned little stunner will have you feeling rejuvenated in no time.




Velvet footstoolUsing velvet in the home does not always have to be bold and unrestrained. Okay, so fizzy shades such as peacock, gold and amethyst can be great fun but sometimes they can seem a little dominant. Velvety upholstery in neutral, natural colours can look just as good.




The popular shabby chic look has a certain relaxed elegance and the right shabby chic furniture is key to achieving success with this look. Start by selecting a signature piece such as a chenille sofa, velour sofa or velvet chaise longue. This will set the tone and you can add to the look bit by bit, adding texture with additional scatter cushions, velvet curtains, luxurious trimmings in crushed velvet, faded leather, vintage style mirrors and picture frames. The clue is in the name, shabby chic – nothing has to match or co-ordinate, the skill lies in putting together disparate elements in a way that seems natural and casual. Have fun experimenting with different fabrics and finishes, combining voluptuous velvets with leather, and wood with glass - you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Velvet tempur bed