Bed and mattress care guide

Found your perfect bed? Make sure it stays comfortable for longer by following our bed care and mattress care guidelines. You’ll find plenty of useful advice on prolonging the life of your bed and mattress and how to clean a mattress, plus the top ten signs that you might be due to replace your bed or mattress.

Mattress and bed care starts as soon as you bring it home

Bed and mattress care starts the moment your new mattress is delivered to your home. Here are all the things you should and shouldn’t do.

Whether you’ve chosen a standard or a roll up mattress, your new mattress will most likely arrive wrapped in plastic. This is designed to keep it clean and hygienic during transit. For optimum mattress care, you should remove the plastic covering as soon as you take delivery of your mattress. This will allow your mattress to breathe and help eliminate any new-mattress odour.

While it’s acceptable to transport a mattress on its side, mattresses are not designed to rest on their sides for extended periods. Doing so could permanently damage your mattress’s structure as its sides simply aren’t strong enough to support its weight.

Mattress care tip: be sure to lay your mattress flat as soon as possible after delivery.

Whether pocket spring or memory foam, natural or synthetic, the fillings and internal structure of any type of mattress can be damaged if it’s left in a garage or a garden shed. If you’re not planning on using your new bed or mattress for a while, you may want to reschedule your delivery rather than storing it in a damp place.

Most mattresses, especially memory foam mattresses, release a slight odour when they’re first unwrapped. This is because of a very normal chemical reaction known as off-gassing. The smell, while a little unpleasant, is not harmful and doesn’t last long. Just be sure to air your mattress for at least four hours before putting sheets on it.

Any new mattress or bed you purchase will come with the manufacturer’s mattress care and use instructions. Be sure to have a good read through and keep this documentation in a safe place. For example, it’s especially important to know how to clean a mattress in the event of spills. For more information, take a look at the Care and cleaning section of this guide.