Bedroom furniture buying guide

Ready to transform your bedroom? If you’re wondering how to choose bedroom furniture, we’re here to help. Our bedroom furniture buying guide helps you decide what bedroom furniture you need, walks you through different bedroom furniture styles and answers all your bedroom design questions.

What bedroom furniture items do you need?

Thinking carefully about what your bedroom needs to offer you will help you make your bedroom furniture ideas shopping list. Want to make sure you’ve thought of everything? Review your shopping list against the Furniture Village bedroom furniture checklist below.

For most people, a bedroom is much more than simply a room with a bed. Taking stock of what your bedroom means to you can really help you define the bedroom furniture you need and answer the question – what furniture do I need for a bedroom?

It’s an extension of my living room

When your home’s living spaces are limited in scope or size, choose furniture that turns your bedroom into an additional living area and make it a place where you can escape to work in peace and quiet, read your favourite magazine or chat on the phone. Consider adding a well-cushioned small sofa (or even a sofa bed if you have the room), a dressing table that doubles as a desk, and a bookcase or shelving unit.

It’s relaxation and rejuvenation central

If your bedroom is more than simply a place to sleep, then think beyond furniture necessities and consider pieces that help you relax. You might want an accent chair or even a recliner so you can spend time in your bedroom without having to lie on the bed. Mood-lifting wall art or even tactile soft furnishings like wool rugs and velvet cushions can enhance your sense of well-being. Be kind to your senses with aromatherapy candles and soothing music.

It’s small but perfectly formed

There’s nothing wrong with a bijou bedroom. In fact, many people prefer a cosy and well-designed room rather than a sprawling open space. At Furniture Village, you’ll find plenty of bedroom furniture ideas for small rooms like stylish single beds, small two-door wardrobes and narrow chests of drawers. Choose carefully and you may find you even have space for a small accent chair or footstool.

It’s a place for sleep, sleep and more sleep

Well, it is called a bedroom, isn’t it? If getting eight solid hours a night is your primary objective, then focus your energies on finding the absolutely most comfortable bed available. This might be a divan set – which is a divan base plus mattress – or a bed frame with a separately-purchased mattress. Take a look at the Furniture Village mattress buying guide for lots of helpful hints and tips.

It’s a hideaway from the kids

If yours is a busy family, finding space to get away may be a challenge. Instead of getting frustrated by constantly having to watch somebody else’s favourite TV programmes, use your bedroom to create a grown up space with a second TV, a super king size bed and a large sliding door wardrobe with built in drawers, shelving and hanging space so that you can stay organised and clutter free.

You probably have a good idea of the pieces of bedroom furniture that you really can’t do without. Take a look at our checklist and see if there’s anything missing.

Bedroom furniture for sleeping

Key pieces for your bedroom furniture shopping list:

Bed frame

As well as being a bedroom furniture essential, a bed is also a good way to set the style and tone of your bedroom. Choose a traditional metal bed frame for a classic bedroom look, or a sleigh-style bed frame if you prefer more glamorous decor.

Divan set

A divan set comprises an upholstered bed base plus mattress and is often the affordable bed option. Many divan bases come with optional storage drawers or a lift up ottoman-style base, a good idea for a smaller bedroom with limited storage. Take a look at the Furniture Village bed buying guide for more information.


A headboard can turn any bed into the focal point of your bedroom. Most are well cushioned and neatly upholstered and are available in many different styles, from traditional buttoned and winged to simple modern styles with geometric stitching and fluting.

Bedroom furniture for storage

Key pieces for your bedroom storage furniture shopping list:


Most wardrobes are either hinged door wardrobes or sliding door wardrobes. Hinged wardrobes are usually more traditional in style and require more space so you can open the doors. Sliding door wardrobes tend to be sleeker and have that stylish fitted wardrobe look. Some wardrobes even have handy mirrored doors.

Chest of drawers

Remember, two medium-sized chests of drawers will take up much more room than one large chest of drawers. For maximum functionality, look for 6 drawer chests which have two stacks of drawers side by side.

Bedside cabinet

Choose a bedside table with drawers or a shelf and drawers to maximise useful storage. If you tend to have a few books on the go at one time, make sure your bedside cabinet has enough room for all your reading material plus a table lamp.

Bedroom furniture for sitting

Key pieces for your bedroom storage furniture shopping list:

Accent chair

If you have enough room, add an accent chair to your shopping list. This is an easy way to give any bedroom a touch of relaxed class, and they’re the perfect place to sit while you talk on the phone or chat to your significant other. Just be sure you don’t use it as a place to store clothes - there are plenty of Furniture Village wardrobes for that.

Dressing table and stool

Dressing table sets – dressing table, mirror and stool – are the unsung heroes of the effortless morning routine. Having a dressing table in your bedroom is a much more relaxed way to get ready and guarantees that you’ll avoid the usual bathroom crush.


Extra bedroom seating is always useful, and a bench that also has extra storage under the lid scores double points. Look out for ottoman-style benches with cushioned tops or even storage footstools for the foot of the bed. A traditional-style wooden blanket box is a great alternative.

Bedroom furniture for relaxing

Key pieces for your bedroom storage furniture shopping list:

Day bed

Ever wish you could take a nap during the day? If hopping into bed feels a little too indulgent, consider a day bed or a similarly relaxing chair like a recliner, a chaise or even an armchair with footstool.


While not technically furniture, lighting can make a big difference to the ambience of the room. Think about reading lamps for bedside cabinets, a ceiling light with a dimmer switch, and a floor lamp or another table lamp to create mood lighting.

Finishing touches

Be sure to allocate some of your bedroom furniture budget to those stylish accessories that can turn an average bedroom into a rather fabulous space. Consider rugs – an essential if you have wood floors – plus cushions, throws and decorative items including wall art, vases, ceramic pieces and even a clock.