Children's bedroom furniture buying guide

Find fun, practical, safety tested children’s bedroom furniture with the Furniture Village buying guide.

Children's bedroom furniture buying guide

Looking for new children’s bedroom furniture? Read this useful guide for children’s bedroom furniture ideas including the best cabin beds for small rooms, cool children’s beds with storage and more.

When you’re shopping for kid’s bedroom furniture, the key factors are practicality, safety and that all-important fun factor.

Make sure your children's bedroom furniture meets safety standards

With children, safety is paramount. Look for pieces that are strong and sturdy, ideally made from long lasting hardwood. Make sure the paint or finish is tough, durable and non-toxic. Ensure your children’s bedroom furniture is properly assembled, and there are no loose screws or wonky castors that could compromise safety.

In the UK, kid’s furniture should be designed to meet child safety standard EN747. At Furniture Village only sell children’s furniture that meets and often exceeds rigorous UK safety standards.

Invest in a good quality bed and mattress

A comfortable night’s sleep helps your child to grow, and to thrive. As your child grows from child to teenager, a good quality bed frame and mattress is key to good back health and posture. So, make sure you buy your child the best mattress that your budget allows, to give them the best possible start.