Children's bedroom furniture buying guide

Find fun, practical, safety tested children’s bedroom furniture with the Furniture Village buying guide.

Children’s bed frame basics

Children’s bed frames are an opportunity to maximise space in the bedroom, leaving more room for that all important activity… playing! Many of our children’s bed frames have inbuilt storage, from drawers to wardrobes to shelves. Read on for the different types of kid’s bed frames.

Children’s beds with storage underneath

Whether it’s a large under bed drawer on castors, open shelves or several small under bed drawers, a single bed with storage is ideal if you need to keep kids’ toys, collections and clutter organised. For younger children, a single children’s bed with storage means they have more space to play – whether that’s flying space rockets, building castles or creating play houses!

TOP TIP: It’s easier to find items in under bed drawers if you store them in smaller boxes, organised by category.


Cool children’s beds with pull out guest beds

Kids just love a sleepover, and the good news is there are plenty of fun children’s beds that make it a breeze. Some have under bed drawers that contain mattresses so there’s an instant spare children’s guest bed for whenever you need it. Or you can find children’s beds with pull out single guest beds on castors that make those sleepovers a breeze. You can also use that extra bed if you ever need to keep an eye on your child overnight.

TOP TIP: Put a fitted sheet on your pull-out guest bed so it’s ready to use whenever you need it.

Cabin beds, mid sleeper and high sleeper beds

First of all, make sure your kids are old enough to use these beds. With any cabin bed or high or mid sleeper bed (this applies to bunk beds too) your child should be at least 6 years old to be safe. All high beds must, by law, have guardrails in addition to headboards and footboards, with no dangerous features or gaps – look out for safety standard EN747. The beauty (and fun) of cabin beds and mid and high sleeper beds is that theyʼre multifunctional, and very, very cool indeed. Cabin beds for small rooms can include a wardrobe, bookshelves, a fixed or pull out desk for homework and more. You can even find models with chair beds beneath. Many of these beds are modular, which means you can choose exactly what storage and functions you want. With some beds you can even choose door and drawer front colours.

Children’s bunk beds

Bunk beds are perfect for siblings sharing a bedroom, or if your child has a best friend who seems to show up every weekend. A sensible idea is to choose bunk beds that can later convert into two single beds, most will do that. If space is at a premium, choose bunk beds with storage below the lower bunk. When you’re choosing a bunk bed remember to consider the size of mattresses. Some frames take full size UK or Euro size single mattresses, but others fit more compact small single mattresses.