Children's bedroom furniture buying guide

Find fun, practical, safety tested children’s bedroom furniture with the Furniture Village buying guide.

Finding the perfect fit

Measuring up is so important when buying children’s furniture. Children’s bedrooms are often on the smaller side, so you want to make sure your high sleeper is not too high, and that there’s actually room for that children’s wardrobe. Read on for our tips on measuring up.

Allow for doors and drawers

Remember, when you’re measuring up, to allow for drawers and doors opening, and for the bedroom door opening too. While storage is important, they need to be able to move around freely, and not feel too cramped. If the bedroom is especially small, consider what could be stored in another room.

Dimensions to suit children… and teenagers

When buying furniture for your child’s bedroom make sure the dimensions are age appropriate.

If your child is a growing 8-10 year old or a teenager then you can buy full size desks and chairs, whereas if your child is smaller or younger, look for tables and chairs of an appropriate height.

As a rough guide, the recommended table or desk height for adults is 28-30 inches, whereas for 5-7 year olds it’s 22-25 inches and for 8-10 year olds it’s 24-29 inches. Likewise for chairs, for adults the standard height is 17-19 inches to the top of the seat, whereas for 5-7 year olds it’s 12-14 inches and for 8-10 year olds it’s 13-17 inches.

Space saving considerations

If every inch of space counts, make sure you don’t waste it. So choose a desk chair that will fit under the desk, and multifunctional furniture such as a high sleeper with a built in desk, or a storage cube that can also serve as an extra seat.