Children's bedroom furniture buying guide

Find fun, practical, safety tested children’s bedroom furniture with the Furniture Village buying guide.

Children’s bed frame basics

Back health and good quality sleep for your growing child is incredibly important. Read on for our advice on choosing the right mattress, that they won’t outgrow too quickly.

Sleep is so important for children. Good quality sleep means they’ll grow better, have a stronger immune system and even do better at school. So it’s important to choose a good quality, supportive children’s mattress, small single mattress or single mattress. For children, the firmness of the mattress is a matter of preference exactly as it is with adults. Let them test out a few to see what they find suits them best.

Mattress types

We have a wide choice of high quality single and small single mattresses that are ideal for children and young teenagers, including coil sprung, pocket sprung, memory foam and hybrid. For advice on all of the mattress types and their benefits, please read our very useful mattress buying guide.

Children’s mattress size guide

Most of our mattresses are the standard UK single mattress size which is 190 x 90cm. Our Stompa mattresses are Euro single size, which is 200 x 90cm.

Children’s bedding and pillows

Good quality bedding and a comfortable pillow are often overlooked, but they’re important if you want to make sure your child has a great night’s sleep. As with mattresses, bedding and pillows are a matter of preference.

TOP TIP: A mattress protector will extend the life of your child’s mattress.