Children's bedroom furniture buying guide

Find fun, practical, safety tested children’s bedroom furniture with the Furniture Village buying guide.

Your children’s furniture buying questions answered

Q. What safety standards should I look out for?

A. In the UK, kid’s furniture should be designed to meet child safety standard EN747. At Furniture Village only sell children’s furniture that meets and often exceeds rigorous UK safety standards. This is especially important for high sleepers, cabin beds and bunk beds where you need to be sure it the bed is strong and stable, with no dangerous features or anywhere a child could become trapped. The EN747 standard makes sure there are no gaps (less than 60mm or more than 75mm) and there are safety barriers and guard rails. Even the dimensions of the ladders and the bed slats have to conform to the safety standards.
TOP TIP: Make sure that the mattress you choose is at least 10cm below the top of the guard rail, in order for the guard rail to be effective.

Q. How can I make sure the furniture I buy for my 9 year old will still suit them as a teenager?

A. The good news is that the recommended dimensions of tables and chairs for a 9 year old is not too far off adult sizes, so you could buy them a full size single mattress and a normal sized desk and chair. As far as style is concerned, our designs are neutral in colour and design so they’re not too ‘childish’ and can work through at least the early teenage years. Buy good quality furniture that will last and you can change the décor around it to make the room more teenage-friendly.

Q. Is it OK to move my toddler from their cot straight to a full size bed?

It’s very much up to you and your child. Some children benefit from toddler sized beds, but some can go straight from a cot to a single or small single bed with guard rails – with even more room for their collection of cuddly toys! Manage the changeover by keeping the same bedding for a while.

Q. My children share a small bedroom, how can I give them both their own space?

A. The ideal is two single beds with each child having their own floor space and area of the room, perhaps with their own chest of drawers and shelves. However this is not always possible in a small bedroom, where bunk beds are the obvious choice. Bunk beds create a ‘zone’ for each child, with the upper bunk being more private (which is why it is prized and often fought over). If a child needs quiet and space – perhaps for homework – you could agree a time that they have the room to themselves.

Q. My child is incredibly messy and leaves toys everywhere, what children’s furniture will help?

A. You’re certainly not alone! Standing on Lego is a rite of passage for most parents. If you can’t see the floor to get the vacuum cleaner around it, a toy chest or storage cube could help. Just chuck all the mess in – out of sight, out of mind!