How long does a Vispring mattress last?

Every Vispring mattress, Vispring bed and Vispring divan base is made with high-quality materials by highly skilled craftspeople. They are built to last, designed to give you years of restful, comfortable sleep when you take proper care of them. How long your mattress will last is down to you and how well you care for it – Vispring offer a 30-Year Guarantee against faulty workmanship or components, and many people enjoy decades with their Vispring mattress. So, how do you care for a Vispring mattress? Vispring recommend turning your mattress to allow the natural fillings to redistribute, which will help to keep it in good condition and extend its longevity. You should never bend or roll your mattress as it can damage the springs, and try to avoid sitting on the edge of the bed or letting children bounce on your bed.

Where are Vispring beds made?

Vispring beds and mattresses have been handmade in Britain since 1901, and this legacy continues to this day. Though they were once made in London, they are now produced in Plymouth on the south-west coast. Vispring have a proud history of manufacturing in Britain, and this heritage is evident in the quality of every Vispring bed and mattress.

How many springs does a Vispring mattress have?

In general, a higher spring count in a pocket sprung mattress will make it more supportive as there are more contact points with your body while you sleep, allowing the mattress to adapt to your frame. Vispring pocket sprung mattresses range from a spring count of 1200 springs to over 4000 springs in a range of tensions from soft to very firm. Every mattress has either a single, double, or triple layer of springs, and it’s this multi-layered layout that gives you the responsive, supportive comfort Vispring is known for. But it’s important to remember it isn’t solely the number of springs that counts, it’s also spring shape and wire gauge that will impact how it feels to you. Vispring have nine wire gauges and 74 different spring types to choose from, so you’re sure to find your dream spring count and tension.

Which is the softest Vispring mattress?

What’s great about Vispring mattresses is that every single model is available in your choice of soft, medium, or firm tension. If you’re looking for the absolute softest Vispring mattress possible, we would recommend either the Vispring Devonshire mattress or Vispring Shetland mattress with soft tension springs. Both of these mattresses use all-wool fillings such as British fleece wool and Shetland wool to give you a luxurious, sink-in feeling. Alternatively, if you want a soft feeling mattress without feeling like you’re nestled in a cloud, the Vispring Kingsbridge and Vispring Regal Superb use a combination of cotton, soft wool and horsehair that give you a sumptuous feel while still retaining some support. And remember, the softness of your mattress is affected by the bed you put it on; slatted beds will always make your mattress feel slightly firmer than if it was on a pocket sprung divan base. Luckily, Vispring divan bases are designed to specifically work with their mattresses for maximum comfort.

How do you fit a Vispring headboard?

Firstly, you need to attach the legs to the headboard. Just align the holes in the strut with the holes in the headboard and screw them together. Next, find the drilled holes in the bed base and pierce the fabric with your screwdriver so you can screw the bolt in. Screw the bolt into the hole, leaving about 4 cm of thread visible, then repeat with the second bolt. Slide your Vispring headboard onto the exposed threads, then when it’s in the right position, tighten the bolts to secure the headboard firmly. The bottom of the headboard should sit at the top of the mattress.