JAY-BE®'s exclusive easy to store folding beds are the most luxurious folding guests beds imaginable, perfect for when guests visit. Choose between pressure relieving memory foam, pocket spring or airflow fibre mattresses. The strong frames on 360° castors have a lifestime guarantee, with easy opening and closing mechanisms. Most feature the durable, supportive and comfortable J-Tex™ sprung base system. Compact, convenient and superbly comfortable.

Made in the UK

Lifetime frame guarantee

FSC certified

Hypoallergenic materials


Made in the UK

Lifetime frame guarantee

FSC certified

Hypoallergenic materials



The Jay-Be story

With manufacturing roots dating back to 1879, JAY-BE® is a family run business witha a strong heritage of British design and manufacturing. The family started in wool and textiles, and during the second world war went on to produce mattresses. It was during the 1970s when they introduced folding beds, from which the JAY-BE® brand of today was born. Today, the need for flexibile living is as high as ever and JAY-BE® are committed to providing the most versatile, innovative guest bed solutions.

FSC® Certification

Sleep peacefully in the knowledge that JAY-BE® have been awarded official FSC® Certification which guarantees all products produced in their factories are only made using materials from sustainable and ethical soures.

Price promise


What is a Jay-Be bed?

A Jay-Be bed is a folding guest bed that is practical and comfortable. Jay-Be is well known for producing top-range folding beds that are easy to store and move while also being a pleasure to sleep on. A Jay-Be bed is a great choice for both you and your guests; the 360° castors make moving the guest bed an absolute breeze, and the super-strong frame has a lifetime guarantee, unlike a lot of lesser-quality folding beds. You can also choose between a range of mattresses including pressure relieving memory foam, supportive pocket springs, or a cooling airflow fibre. Your guests will enjoy a great night’s sleep in total comfort.

Jay-Be beds are also built with the planet’s future in mind. All Jay-Be beds use wood from FSC traceable and sustainable sources, and the comfort layers in every Jay-Be mattress are recyclable and reusable. Thanks to their innovative use of recycled plastic materials, Jay-Be has actively diverted the equivalent of more than 100 million bottles from going into landfill.

Nowadays, flexibility is key. Jay-Be folding beds are the perfect guest bed solution for the modern day. They’re super easy to stow away when not in use thanks to the castors and slim profile, so rather than choosing a sofa bed or committing to a full guest room, your can simply roll out your folding bed when needed.

Are folding beds worth it?

Low quality folding beds can be poorly made, resulting in uncomfortable, squeaky beds that are a hassle to set up and put away. However, Jay-Be folding beds are made in the UK to a high standard, giving you a rock-solid bed that you can put up in next to no time.

Folding beds have some real advantages, like their slim profile when folded, the ability to move them around on wheels, and their relatively low price compared to buying other guest beds. You can store them vertically against a wall, or horizontally, meaning you can even hide them away under another bed. They’re also super easy to set up, with fully automatic folding legs and mattresses that fold and open with the frame, requiring very little effort on your part.

Jay-Be folding beds are also extremely comfortable, with modern mattresses using memory foam, pocket springs, Jay-Be’s innovative e-Fibre, and a J-Tex sprung base for durability, support, and comfort, plus they’re hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals and VOCs. And of course, all Jay-Be folding beds are made in the UK and exceed British and European safety standards.

How long does a folding bed last?

Many people are worried when buying a folding bed that it simply won’t last very long. This is due to the poorly made folding beds of the past that have given modern folding beds a bad rap. With their solid build quality, Jay-Be folding beds have a lifetime frame guarantee, so you – and your guests – can rest assured knowing it’s made to last.

Which Jay-Be mattress is best?

The best Jay-Be mattress for you comes down to your needs and personal preferences. The Benchmark S1 Comfort mattress features a deep e-Spring core topped with Rebound e-Fibre cushioning and super soft Advance e-Fibre for improved moisture and temperature regulation. It’s perfect for people looking for essential support without frills.

If you want a little more responsiveness, the Benchmark S3 Memory has an e-Spring core topped with Memory e-Fibre for pressure relieving support all night long. It also features the same comfort layers of Rebound and Advance e-Fibre as the S1 so you’ll get the same cushioning and temperature regulation. For support that adapts to you, the Benchmark S5 Hybrid uses Micro e-Pocket springs on top of the e-Spring core. These micro springs adapt to even the slightest movement, so you stay supported throughout the night.

For the ultimate night’s sleep, the Benchmark S7 Tri-brid features a deep e-Spring core topped with both Micro e-Pocket springs and Jay-Be’s revolutionary Memory e-Fibre and Advance e-Fibre. These layers combine to give you premium comfort and support so you can enjoy super relaxing sleep night after night.

Choosing which mattress is best is up to you. If you prefer a firmer feel, stick with the S1 or S3 mattresses. For a softer feel the S5 and S7 are perfect, plus they both have the same temperature regulation fibres as the S1 and S3 so there’s no compromise there.