Mattress buying guide

What a difference a great mattress makes. It can improve your quality of life and well-being and even ease back pain. Find the perfect mattress to suit your needs from our wide choice, from pocket sprung to latex, memory foam and combination mattresses.

Pocket sprung mattresses

Individually encased springs

Varying comfort grades

No roll together

Great comfort and individual support

Here each spring is housed inside its own separate fabric pocket to form part of a honeycomb-like unit.

The springs come in varying comfort grades and work independently to respond to individual body weight, adjust to body contours and eliminate roll together, providing the ultimate comfort and support.

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Memory foam mattresses

Pressure relieving

Reacts to body heat

Conforms to your body shape

Superior comfort and support

This special material reacts to your body heat and has unique pressure relieving properties.

By conforming to the shape of your body it delivers a perfect balance of total comfort and superior support.

With layers of different densities and depths of foam, it’s possible to achieve varying comfort grades.

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Open coil mattresses

Traditional spring system

Connected springs

Great support

Firmer feel

This is the most basic and simple spring system.

Rows of springs are interconnected with a spiral wire running from top to bottom.

Open coil provides a traditional firmer feel and is the most common spring type for more affordable mattresses.

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Combination mattresses

Multi material hybrid

Technical combined

Pressure relief and extra support

The best of both worlds!

Providing the best of both worlds, combination mattresses mix springs with the luxury of a memory foam, latex or gel layer.

These unique designs provide the traditional support and comfort through the responsiveness of the pocket or open springs and the pressure relieving benefits of the additional layer.

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Latex mattresses

100% eco friendly natural latex

Keeps you cool

Springy, responsive feel

Great comfort and support

This wonderful natural elastic material, derived from the sap of rubber trees, keeps you cool and has a naturally springy responsive feel for an undisturbed night's sleep.

A durable option with anti-microbial properties, Latex mattresses offer benefits to many allergy sufferers, while its natural elasticity results in even distribution of pressure for independent support.

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Mattress size guide

Right down to personal preference, your choice of mattress is key to getting the best night's rest. Do your research and don't be afraid to test in store. From sprung styles to memory foam and combination, it's so important to find a style that offers you optimum comfort and support for the perfect night's sleep.

3'0 Single mattress
W 92cm x L 192cm (3ft x 6'3")
4'0 Small double mattress
W 122cm x L 192cm (4ft x 6'3")
4'6 Double mattress
W 137cm x L 192cm (4'6ft x 6'6")
5'0 King size mattress
W 150cm x L 200cm (5ft x 6'6")
6'0 Super king size mattress
W 182cm x L 202cm (6ft x 6'6")