Upholstery buying guide

Buying a new sofa or armchair is a big decision and a significant investment, so it's important to get it right. Whether you're wondering about fabric or leather, or extra features such as recliners, this guide will help you find beatiful new upholstery you'll love.

Leather sofas

Easy to care


Timeless style

A leather sofa is a timeless choice, and there's something very special about the quality and the feel of 100% leather. At Furniture Village we have four different type of leather to choose from, in a wide choice of colours. See our Leather section for more about all the different leathers available, and you'll find that there's one that's just right for you and your lifestyle.

Along with all-leather sofas and chairs, you'll find some which have a leather frame and fabric pillow back cushions, a stylish and relaxed mix.

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Fabric sofas


Choice of fabrics

Choice of colours

For relaxed comfort, many prefer a fabric sofa. They're soft, hard-wearing, easy to maintain and available in a wide range of price points.

At Furniture Village we have every type of fabric upholstery, from chenilles to woven fabrics to luxurious velvets, and in a wide spectrum of colours and patterns. See our Fabric section for all the different types of fabric we offer.

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2 seater sofas



Choose your look

When space is at a premium, a two seater sofa is the way to go. These smaller sofas offer flexibility if you're decorating a room from scratch and looking to keep your layout adaptable, and are often more affordable which is helpful if you're just starting out.

Our two seater sofas come in fabric or leather and have your choice of fixed backs, classic backs and pillow backs.

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3 seater sofas

Family friendly


So many styles

If you have a more generous room to fill or need something bigger to accommodate family and friends, our spacious three seaters could be the answer. Choose fabric or leather upholstery and classic backs, fixed backs or pillow backs.

We also have more compact three seater sofas that can still seat three in comfort but don't take up too much space, thanks to slim arms and wall away recliners.

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4 seater sofas

Great for entertaining


Measure up!

Big family, or love to entertain? A four seater sofa is big comfort and roominess. So whether you are having a crowd round or streching out with your nearest and dearest, everybody's happy. Choose fixed back, classic back or pillow back style, in either fabric or leather.

Remember that a large sofa can dominate a smaller space, so make sure you measure carefully before ordering. Read our furniture measuring guide for expert advice on sizing and measurements.

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Recliner sofas


Power or manual

Some with USB ports

A recliner sofa features an internal mechanisms allowing you to adjust the back and lift the front - the ultimate option for maximum comfort and relaxation. We have manual recliner sofas and power recliner sofas, and some recliner sofas also come with manual or power headrests. You can choose sofas with dual or even triple recliners, so everybody can put their feet up.

Sofas with 'wall away' recliners can recline without also moving backwards, which means you save space. Power recliner sofas often include very useful inbuilt USB ports for charging phones and other electronic devices.

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Corner sofas


Space saving

Modular options

A corner sofa is hugely versatile and can be the most accomodating choice for fitting around other pieces of furniture - especially if your home has an unconventional layout or if you need to save space. A corner sofa also helps you to create a seating area within a larger multi-purpose space. We have an extensive choice of right-hand and left-hand facing corner sofas. Some come with chaise ends that add to the feeling of luxury.

We have both pillow back corner sofas and classic back corner sofas. Many of our corner sofas are part of beautifully designed modular collections, where you can configure your seating to suit your space to perfection.

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Modular sofas

Size to your space

Ultimate flexibility

Contemporary style

Modular sofas are the ultimate, flexible seating solution. The beauty of the modular sofa is that it can be sized to suit any shape and size of room simply by choosing the elements that work best for you and your living space - and even your budget.

This means you can create any seating arrangement, from a compact sofa with a chaise end to a huge corner sofa. You can also combine sofas with chairs from the same collection for a unified, streamlined look.

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Sofa beds



In fabric or leather

Available in a wide choice of styles in leather and fabric, sofa beds are the ideal solution when you have guests to stay. They fit beautifully into spare rooms or home offices, and with so many georgeous styles to choose from they look great starring in your living room too. If you live in a one-bedroom or studio apartment, a sofa bed is the perfect multifunctional piece of furniture.

There's plenty to consider, so for more help with choosing the perfect sofa bed we recommend you read our dedicated Sofa bed buying guide.

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Chesterfield sofas

Timeless style

Suit many decors

In fabric or leather

The Chesterfield sofa is a sofa with a classic, buttoned back and scroll arms. This archetypal sofa style lends itself to a classic interior, but also adds rich, vintage appeal to the modern home. Buy a Chesterfield sofa and it will never go out of a date, as this is a truly timeless look. At Furnitue Village we have fabric Chesterfield sofas and leather Chesterfield sofas.

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Online upholstery care guide

We want to help you keep your sofa, armchair or footstool looking as good as new. Our comprehensive upholstery care guide provides plenty of information on how best to care for all of your upholstery.

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