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Choosing the best sofa bed for you

Finding balance between style and utility is every homeowner’s dilemma. You want to spend your money on a cool and comfortable sofa – and yet there are weekend guests to accommodate and nowhere to put an extra bed. Enter the modern sofa bed. Available in a range of fabulous designs and useful sizes, today’s sofa beds are smooth operators – easy to open, furnished with fabulous mattresses, complete with built in storage, and available in your choice of soft fabric and lovely leather. Looking for style inspiration? Read on…
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Sofa bed option 1: The super-speedy sofa bed

Need an extra bed in a hurry? No need to worry – today’s sofa beds are pieces of advanced engineering, designed to open smoothly and swiftly, so that even the most tired of overnight guests can drift off to dreamless sleep in a matter of minutes.

Most of our sofa beds feature either a two-fold or a three-fold mechanism. With a three-fold mechanism, the bed base pulls out from beneath the sofa cushions and unfolds in three movements. These sofa beds usually have a foam mattress on a springy webbing base, and are best for occasional use. Two-fold sofa beds have a base that pulls out from beneath the sofa cushions, unfolding in two quick movements. Sturdy enough for everyday use, these sofa beds usually have deluxe pocket sprung mattresses on a wooden slatted base.

Best for:

Unexpected guests and those spur of the moment sleepovers

Don’t forget:

If you’re short on space, choosing a sofa bed with slim arms will let you maximise the size of your guest bed

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Sofa bed option 2: The ultra-luxurious sofa bed

If you play host to friends and relatives who can be, shall we say, a little picky about where they sleep, be sure to choose a sofa bed that comes with a superior mattress.

Pocket sprung mattresses may be deeper and generally provide more support, while foam and memory foam mattresses tend to be softer and offer unique body-cushioning properties. We recommend that you invest in a sofa bed with the highest-quality and most comfortable mattress you can afford, so you can play host to your nearest and dearest year in, year out.

Best for:

Frequent guests, long-term guests, and frequent long-term guests

Don’t forget:

When you’re buying a sofabed, be sure to try out the sofa bed mechanism and the mattress to check for ease of use and comfort

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Delight Sofa Bed

Sofa bed option 3: The small-space, big-comfort sofa bed

Compact spaces bring out the creative interior designer in all of us – working out how to get maximum utility from the smallest room is a real skill.

These days, small-space furniture, from storage footstools to bar stools, has made everything easier. A chair bed, for example, means you can turn your living room or home office into a guest space without having to invest in a full-size 3-seater sofa bed. [Chair beds]( Beds) are exactly what you think they are – a stylish armchair that unfolds into a comfy one-person bed for the night. Perfect for that unused living room corner, these single sofa beds also a great choice for a child’s bedroom.

Best for:

Compact spaces and teen bedrooms

Don’t forget:

Chair beds fit into smaller rooms as they’re much narrower than traditional sofa beds – but you’ll still need enough length in the room to unfold them.

Stylish and compact chair sofa bed

Sofa bed option 4: The sleek Italian sofa bed

There’s something just a little bit different about Italian-made furniture. The look is sleek and chic, the upholstery superbly finished, and the technical precision second to none. (Spend just a few minutes in an Italian power recliner sofa with power headrests and you’ll see what we mean).

The Italian leather sofa bed is a thing of beauty. With more than a nod to supreme comfort, this is the sofa bed for the twenty-first century. And you’ll quickly discover that leather is a great upholstery choice, making for an ultra-stylish look as well as being hardwearing enough for everyday use. And, as leather only gets improves with age, the more you use your Italian leather sofa bed, the better it’ll look. So go on, invite the whole family to stay.

Best for:

Contemporary homes and modern living spaces

Don’t forget:

High-end sofa beds come with a wealth of attractive features like high-quality mattresses and even built in pillow storage

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alcova sofa bed
Aztec Sofa Bed

Sofa bed option 5: The stylish yet affordable sofa bed

If you’re just starting out, or you’re moving from a smaller house to a larger one, your furniture budget may already feel stretched to breaking point. But for sociable people and big families with even bigger extended families, playing host to loved ones is a fact of life.

Good news, then, that you don’t have to spend a fortune to bring home a stylish yet affordable sofa bed. And because these multipurpose pieces of furniture ably perform two functions – comfortable sofa and comfortable guest bed – you really will get great value for money.

Best for:

Starter homes, new homes – in fact, any kind of home

Don’t forget:

The living room is the obvious place for a sofa bed, but there’s no reason why a dining room can’t accommodate a small sofa bed and become your occasional guest room

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12994 ComfiCorner Sofas

Sofa bed option 6: The room-for-everyone sofa bed

If a traditional 2 seater sofa bed or 3 seater sofa bed simply doesn’t provide enough sitting and relaxing room for your family, then you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of non-traditional sofa beds in larger-than-average sizes to be found.

Chaise end sofa beds, corner sofa beds, sofa beds with storage – these bigger sofa beds are available a range of stylish looks and upholstery choices. Sized for bigger homes and bigger families, they’re the perfect choice for family movie night followed by family sleepover.

Best for:

Larger living rooms and family spaces

Don’t forget:

Corner sofas and corner sofa beds are perfect for smaller living spaces too, as their ergonomic design helps make the most of every available inch

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