Wardrobe buying guide

A wardrobe is so much more than a place to keep your clothes. It's a key element of your bedroom furniture, and an opportunity to make a design statement. With our wide choice of beautiful styles you're sure to find the perfect fit.

Hinged wardrobes

Classic appeal

A popular choice

Some include drawers

The most popular type of wardrobe, and a classic choice for the bedroom. Some have drawers at the foot, these are known as gentlemen's wardrobes although anyone can use them - gentleman or not. Integral drawers are perfect for storing shoes and accessories or taking the place of a separate chest of drawers if space is limited. Many of our hinged wardrobes include useful ful-length mirrors. Assembled in your home on delivery.

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Sliding wardrobes


Can make a room appear bigger

Glide open with ease

Wardrobes with sliding doors are perfect for rooms where, due to the position of the bed or other space-issues it's trickier to open a door fully outwards. They're also a great option for making the most of 'dead space' in unconventionally shaped bedrooms. Sliding wardrobes have plenty of sleek, bold, contemporary appeal - some have entire doors that are mirrored, or have mirrored panels incorporated into their design, reflecting more light into the room. Assembled in your home on delivery.

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Bi-fold wardrobes

Maximise space

Sleek designer appeal

Easy open, easy close

These clever wardrobes allow you to store everything away out of sight and they fit beautifully into the design of a room. Their bi-fold mechanism is an elegant solution, more convenient than hinged doors in rooms where space is at a premium. Many of our bi-fold wardrobes include mirrored doors that give you a useful full-length mirror, reflect that all important natural light and made the bedroom feel bigger. All of our bi-fold wardrobes are assembled for you on delivery.

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A wardrobe is so much more than a space for storing your clothes and accessories. It's a key element of your bedroom furniture, and an opportunity to make a style statement.

Whether you're looking for something classic, or sleek or modern, with our wide choice of beautiful styles made to high standards in Germany and the UK you're sure to find what you're looking for.

When choosing a wardrobe, it's worth asking yourself a few questions first such as:

  • How much space do I need for my clothes?
  • Do I need additional space for accessories?
  • Do I need a wardrobe for myself, or for me and my partner?
  • Do I want hinged, sliding or bi-fold doors on my wardrobe?
  • Would I prefer a modern or a classic look?
  • Do I want a wardrobe that can move house with me?
  • And finally, what else do I need that my current wardrobe isn't providing me with?


Whether you're going for a minimal and modern bedroom look, sleek and glossy, or you prefer something rather more traditional and handcrafted, we have the wardrobe finish to match your bedroom style.

Solid wood

Hardwearing and classic-looking, solid wood is a popular choice with a quality finish. Solid wood wardrobes can be expensive and heavy to transport - so perhaps not the best option for anyone that moves a lot. However wood hasa beautiful, natural grain that ages beautifully, it's durable, natural and can work across a range of decor styles, meaning it won't date. Popular woods for wardrobes include oak, ash and elm.

High gloss and veneer finishes

High gloss and veneer finishes are very popular as they add sleek, modern style to bedrooms. Many of the wardrobes we sell have a high gloss or veneer appearance with a special highly durable Tri-front finish, only made in 4 factories in the world. It's impact resistant, colourfast and UV protected. This finish is so versatile, it can have the appearance of wood or a high floss colour, but it's made to last for years.

Decorative foil finish

A decorative foil finish allows a wardrobe to be finished in a range of colours and textures - for example, matt or gloss.

The details

Colours to match your decor

Many of our styles of wardrobes come in a wide choice of door and frame colours. A gloss and mirrored finish makes a bedroom feel more spacious. An oak effect finish with black gloss panels is sleek and modern.

Knobs and fastenings

These can really affect the overall look of your wardrobe. Polished metal or chrome fittings are generally more contemporary and modern-looking and go well with mirrored wardrobes. While wood, iron or darker-coloured metal handles create more of a heritage look


Panelling is a classic addition to wardrobes and again gives it a heritage feel. Other elements to look our for include cornicing or a overhanging top, a decorative detail seen at the top of wardrobes.

Internal and external fittings

Most of our wardrobes come with hanging rails and adjustable internal shelves as standard. For man of our wardrobes you can order additional internal fittings like extra shelves, tie and shoe racks, and LED lighting. This is a great investment as it cuts down on organisation time and makes it easier to get ready in the morning. Additional external fittings include spotlights and door lights.

Feeling inspired?

Explore our range of quality wardrobes and then complete your bedroom with matching furniture for a coordinated look. Many of our wardrobe ranges include bedside tables, chests of drawers and even bed frames.

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