Dining table and dining chair buying guide

Shopping for a new dining table or dining chairs? Take a look at our handy guide for everything you need to know about buying a dining table and dining chairs, from style and design to shape and size.

Dining table and dining chair style

Dining tables and dining chairs are available in a huge range of styles. It's easy to feel overwhelmed, so let's take a look at some popular styles and how to create your perfect table and chair arrangement.

Dining table and dining chair design options

There really is something for everyone - and every home. And choosing a new dining table is a great opportunity to explore a new design look.

Traditional dining tables and dining chairs

Make the most of a grand dining room in an older-style home by choosing a traditional solid wood dining table and dining chairs, perfect for formal dinner parties and big family occasions.

5 characteristics of traditional style

1. High-quality wood construction

2. Polished or lacquered surfaces

3. Generous proportions

4. Ornate design elements

5. Pedestal bases

One of our favourite traditional brands

Old Charm - Inspired by the classic wood furniture of a bygone era, this brand offers fantastic workmanship and delightful design motifs.

Luxury dining tables and dining chairs

Whether made with marble, ceramic or lacquered wood, luxury dining tables with matching chairs look and feel stunning and combine traditional craftsmanship with creative contemporary design.

5 characteristics of luxury style

1. High-end craftsmanship

2. Sleek glossy finishes

3. Metallic accents

4. Contemporary lines and angles

5. Smooth table extension mechanisms

One of our favourite luxury brands

ALF - This Italian brand crafts beautifully-engineered dining room furniture with fabulous sleek finishes.

Industrial dining tables and dining chairs

The industrial dining trend shows no sign of decreasing in popularity. Sturdy dining tables and chairs showcase cool urban flair and are perfect for contemporary spaces.

5 characteristics of industrial style

1. Natural or reclaimed wood tops

2. Metal or metal and wood legs

3. Architectural shapes

4. Unfinished weathered quality

5. Choice of chairs and dining benches

One of our favourite industrial brands

Habufa - This Dutch furniture designer creates beautifully-finished industrial style furniture for modern and traditional interiors.

Mid-century dining tables and dining chairs

This very recognisable design style of the 1950s and 1960s is just as popular today thanks to its clean lines, simple yet sophisticated shapes, and focus on the natural beauty of wood.

5 characteristics of mid-century style

1. Well-crafted functionality

2. Smooth rounded corners

3. Bevelled edges

4. Splayed or topered legs

5. Pale oak, ash or elm finish

One of our favourite mid-centiry brands

Ercol - This iconic British brand handcrafts beautiful dining tables and dining chairs that feature its signature lines and curves.

Modern country dining tables and dining chairs

Rustic without being traditional, modern country dining tables and dining chairs are made predominantly of wood and feature classic style elements executed in a fresh and contemporary way.

5 characteristics of modern country style

1. Well-crafted but not over designed

2. Natural solid wood and veneer

3. Two-tone and painted finishes

4. Simple turned legs

5. Understated decorative elements

One of our favourite modern country brands

Furnitureland - This oak furniture brand offers a huge choice of well-crafted and affordable dining tables and chairs that are both functional and stylish.

Dining table and dining chair arrangements

How you put together a dining table and dining chairs can be just as stylish as the furniture itself.

Ready-made dining sets

Make life easy and opt for a ready-made dining set - a dining table plus four or six coordinating dining chairs. This is often a more affordable option and means you'll avoid tricky decisions.

Co-ordinated dining table and dining chairs

The easy thing to do is purchase your dining table's matching chairs. You know that they'll fit perfectly and look fabulous. Dining chairs are usually sold singly, in pairs or in sets of six.

Dining table with colour mix dining chairs

Choosing dining chairs of different colours - perhaps in pairs of brights, pastels or neutrals - is an easy way to introduce a fresh new look to your dining room.

Dining table with eclectic dining chairs

If you're drawn to the bohemian look - or you simply can't decide which dining chair you like best - buy single chairs and create an arrangement that's completely unique.

Dining room furniture

Once you've selected your dining table, dining chairs or dining set, it's time to look at other dining room furniture like a sideboard for dinnerware or a more decorative piece like a display cabinet.