Home accessories buying guide

Home furnishings and accessories transform a house into a home – but how do you choose the perfect piece of art, the right light fitting or the rug that ties your décor together? Read on for tips, advice and considerations to help you choose the perfect homeware.

Your home accessories buying questions answered

Q: I have quite a minimalist living room, what home accessories will add cosiness without ruining the modern look?

A: The best way to add cosiness to a minimalist room is with a few carefully chosen cushions, rugs, throws and perhaps one statement piece of wall art in warm colours and textures. Try to think of coordinating these home accessories, perhaps sticking to one colour or two complementary colours. The beauty of cushions and throws is they can be tucked away if you are entertaining and want a ‘cleaner’ look.

Q: I rent out a property for holidays, what home accessories do you recommend to make it feel homely but that are also quite neutral taste-wise?

A: When you rent out a property, especially for holiday lets, you don’t want it to be an empty shell with no character but you also want to steer clear of overly personal items such as quirky souvenirs, too many ornaments or family photos.
Instead, think about focusing on a few luxurious and beautiful touches but otherwise keeping things roomy and not cluttered. A statement piece of art on the wall (something abstract and contemporary perhaps), a mirror to make your space feel larger and brighter, attractive cushions or lovely table lamps perhaps. When it comes to rugs, choose something that will withstand high traffic. Synthetic rugs are hardwearing but have that soft, luxurious look.

Q: I love ornaments but my partner hates them, how can we compromise?

A: It’s difficult when one of you would prefer no clutter at all and the other loves homely touches. Perhaps you could agree a certain number of accessories that are ‘allowable’? Or you could try to find accessories that appeal to your partner’s interests – for example if they love music you could display framed record sleeves of their favourite albums on the wall or, if they like sport, then a cushion with a sporting motif. That way you will get your cosiness and they will feel more connected to your home.