Home accessories buying guide

Home furnishings and accessories transform a house into a home – but how do you choose the perfect piece of art, the right light fitting or the rug that ties your décor together? Read on for tips, advice and considerations to help you choose the perfect homeware.

Decorative accessories for your living room, bedroom accessories and dining room decorations all have an important part to play in making your house feel like home. The best home accessories complement your home décor ideas, creating an appealing, unified look. Here are some of the most popular home accessories.


The key to a beautiful home is carefully thought out lighting. It adds atmosphere, helps set the mood and makes a style statement. From pendant lights that can hang singly or in groups to table lamps and bold statement floor lights, we have a wide choice in many different styles.
There are three lighting functions to choose from:

Ambient lighting makes for a cosy atmosphere and creates the mood and feeling in a room.

Task lighting is focused, ideal in a practical space - it works hard in a small area to improve visibility and help you perform tasks.

Accent lighting highlights or contours specific features in a room, such as pictures and ornaments.

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TOP TIP: A combination of ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps mean you can vary your lighting to suit different occasions and moods.


Mirrors are the perfect styling accents, ideal for making a bold style statement or simply to cast reflected light into a dark space. Wall mirrors enhance your living room or bedroom and make a cramped hallway feel twice as wide. They come in every style, from ornate baroque style frames to Deco bevelled glass and every shape and size.
Place a large mirror on a wall opposite a window to frame a beautiful view and to let the light flood into a room. Dark corner? Placing a table or floor lamp in front of a mirror will double the light. In your dining room or kitchen, a wall mirror beside the dining table makes it look as if the gathering is twice as large.

A floor standing mirror is a lovely feature in your bedroom. Mounted or freestanding against a wall, it gives you a useful floor length view when you’re getting ready to go out. For a dressing table, a vanity mirror can be rotated, adjusted and positioned so you can view yourself from different angles.

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TOP TIP: Use a group of mirrors to create a decorative feature on a wall. Vary the shapes and frames to add interest.


Clocks can create that ‘wowʼ factor too. A large, statement clock works beautifully as the main feature on a wall, as much a work of art as a way to tell the time. They come in a wide choice of shapes and materials – ultra-modern designs, industrial style metal wall clocks or retro style vintage clocks. Antique styles are increasing in popularity, a lovely touch in a luxe or maximalist interior.

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TOP TIP: If you are buying a clock online, make sure you check the dimensions, as some of our statement clocks are larger than you’d think.


Whether scattered luxuriously, or thoughtfully arranged, cushions can give an instant refresh to the home. They can make any room feel just that bit more cosy, through the use of texture, pattern and colourways.
Whether you want to create a calming clash of neutrals or a bright and busy nest to snuggle up in, we have a range of beaded, printed, fluffy and velvet cushions to beautifully complement your bedroom or living room.

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TOP TIP: Interiors experts recommend grouping cushions in odd rather than even numbers, as it’s more pleasing to the eye. Vary the size, texture and colour of your cushions to add interest and remember to plump them regularly.


A thoughtfully chosen rug is the perfect accessory to pull together the design of a room, and add a feeling of cosiness. Add softness and texture to a wooden or stone floor, choose between bold geometric or tribal pattern rugs to complement a modern living room or add luxury to a bedroom with deep and plush rugs in a wide choice of colours. We have everything from traditional woven rugs with timeless designs to modern monochrome rugs.

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TOP TIP: You can use a large rug to mark out a zone in a multifunctional room.


From vivid glossy ceramics, to hand-crafted glass and beautifully glazed objects, vases add a truly unique finishing touch to any space. Whether highlighted on a shelf, placed on a mantelpiece or arranged on a coffee table, vases are artistic in form and are the perfect way to add interest.

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Wall art

What better way to add interest to an expanse of wall than with a piece of wall art? Our extensive selection includes bold abstract pieces, mesmerising landscapes, modern cityscapes and everything in between.
A large framed or unframed piece of art on a feature wall can look absolutely stunning or think about putting together an entire wall of your favourite pieces of art. Group them by size or subject matter or arrange by colour and tone for a creative and stylish touch.

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TOP TIP: When you hang a picture, make sure the centre of your artwork is 57 inches from the floor – the average eye-height that’s used in many art galleries.

Ornaments and artificial plants

Ornaments or decorative objects are a lovely finishing touch. We choose them not for their use, but because they are beautiful to look at and they can take the form of small sculptures, ornamental bowls or plates or artificial plants.

TOP TIP: Group ornaments together on a console table, coffee table or on open shelving, where you can mix them other things such as books, framed photographs or even bowls of fruit.