Occasional tables buying guide

Read the Furniture Village occasional tables buying guide for help choosing side tables, coffee tables and more.

Your occasional tables buying questions answered

Q. Is it too much to have a coffee table, console table and nest of tables in one room?

A. No, if your living room is large enough you can have all three. If you choose them from the same range the coordinated look can look very pleasing.

Q. My modern living room is far too small for a coffee table, what can I use?

A. It’s perfectly acceptable to use one, or two small side tables or lamp tables in place of a coffee table. These compact occasional tables can be placed to the side of your sofas or chairs, using wasted space, and if you choose ones with drawers and lower shelves you can gain some useful storage too.
Another option for a very small living room is sofas or chairs with cup holders built in, and folding tables. Tray tables are very popular, and can be folded away easily when not in use.

Q. I have young children, what sort of occasional table is best?

A. The edge or corner of a table can be at eye-level for a toddler. For safety, choose a wooden occasional table with rounded rather than sharp corners. Or, if you already have a table with sharp corners, you can buy foam corner protectors which you can use until your children are a little older.

Q. My décor is modern but I’ve found this beautiful vintage side table. Will it look out of place?

A. It’s very in style to mix old and new, so if you love that vintage side table, treat yourself!

Q. I want to buy a nest of tables, but I’m worried they’ll look dated.

A. Our contemporary nests of tables are a world away from the old-fashioned styles you might remember from your grandmother’s house. From mirrored glass to marble and chrome and black metal and wood there are so many fresh new looks to choose from, all of them far from dated.