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8 Bedroom Colour Scheme Ideas

When trying to picture your perfect bedroom, the first thing you’ll probably try to settle in your mind is the colours. Should you go for something simple or be more daring? Which colours will work well together and create the feel you want? You want your bedroom to feel relaxing and welcoming at night, and be enjoyable to wake up to in the morning. Ultimately it’s down to personal taste, but here are 8 colour schemes we hope you’ll find inspiring.
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Bedroom colour scheme ideas – wooden furniture
Bedroom colour scheme – classic white furniture

1. Try a dark bedroom colour scheme

When it comes to colour, the rule tends to be that lighter colours make a room seem larger, while darker shades do to the opposite, evoking warm, cosy feelings. With this in mind, your bedroom colour ideas may depend on the size of your room.

The clear advantage of using darker colours is that any vibrant accessories will stand out even more – such as yellow cushions or a pink rug. Imagine a dark blue wall, then place in front of it a grey divan bed and some white sheets, with bright accessories around them.

Contrast works well with darker walls – try pale furniture, a patterned headboard and playful cushions. Some brightly-coloured wall art will look great too. Whites and bright colours stop the darker shades from becoming too overpowering.


2. Use on-trend grey as a neutral backdrop

Grey is the colour of the moment, and popular with designers because of its versatility. This neutral works well with bright colours, pastels and darker hues, or can feature as part of your bedroom colour scheme ideas in a variety of shades.

If you start with a grey paint colour on the wall, try a different shade for your grey bed frame or headboard. A good way to break up different greys is with white – choose a white chest of drawers or a white sideboard, and accessorie using complementary teal, pink or another bright shade in your choice of vases, cushions and lighting.

Likewise, pale pastels are charming against grey, while metallics introduce drama. Think silver, gold and copper, which work seamlessly with greys, teals, yellows and pinks. This gives scope to add wall art or mirrors with silver frames, a copper ceiling light and gold cushions. Grey will never be boring when used in the right way.


Bedroom colour ideas – black and copper table lamp
Bedroom colour ideas – white painted furniture

3. Classic and timeless white

Simple but oh-so-sophisticated, all-white bedroom colour scheme ideas can ooze glamour. Go with a white gloss or even mirrored finish for your bedroom furniture, white double bed, linen bed sheets and white walls, and it can channel vintage Hollywood. It also gives the feeling of added space.

Work in a supersized headboard with an elaborate design, then build up with complementary white bedside tables and a dressing table. If you are worried about the look being too stark, however, try a few off-white colours – check out our range of cream bedroom furniture, for example.

All-white bed linen is a must for this look – just layer it up with pillows, cushions and throws of varying off-white colours and materials. Different textures will make the scheme three-dimensional rather than flat.


4. Try calming coastal colours

Blue is a very calming colour, so why not try to turn your bedroom colour scheme ideas into a colour theme idea, tapping into that relaxing coastal look? Try blue for the walls, reminiscent of the sky or the sea itself, mixing in cream or white bedroom furniture, blue accessories and earthy tones or bare wood.

There are a number of ways you could introduce more blue or white – perhaps try a blue accent chair or a white chest of drawers. Then white bed linen can represent the waves, with a wooden bed and headboard a reminder of the earthy tones of the sand, or an old ship. A few nautical-themed accessories, from wall art to sea shells, could wrap this up nicely.

Also complement your white linens with a navy wool throw, and cushions in contrasting shades of blue and white. Think of varying fabrics and textures that suit the theme, with embroidered bed linen, silk cushions and lace wallpaper.


Bedroom colour scheme ideas – wooden furniture
Bedroom colour scheme ideas – silk cushion

5. Work in relaxing blues and greens

There are some shades that happen to be more relaxing than others – perfect for your bedroom colour ideas. Two that top the list are blue and green. Reminders of the sea and nature, perhaps?

If you have a predominantly neutral palette in your bedroom, perhaps with varying shades of grey (very on-trend right now), an infusion of green will definitely shake things up. Add some lush houseplants to oxygenate the room or one of our green armchairs.

Likewise, indigo and navy blue work with just about any colour. Add in blue cushions, bold accessories and daring patterns as you please.

Try grey or another neutral on the walls, then a bed frame with a blue headboard, and bedding and curtains in shades of grey and white. A touch of gold detailing elevates this restful, sophisticated look even more.


6. Bright bedroom colour ideas

Guaranteed to wake you up in the morning, some bright, zingy, zesty colours – such as vibrant yellows and botanicals – can give you a big hit of summer all year round. But you can still be subtle in terms of working your bright colours and patterns in, so they don’t overpower your other bedroom colour scheme ideas.

Start with a nature inspired wallpaper – teaming it with a neutral tones the scheme down and prevents your main colour choice from being too overpowering (yellow and grey always work well together).

Balance bright, bold walls with streamlined furniture, such as a simple headboard or mirrored chest of drawers. Add definition with touches of crisp white.

As yellow is said to inspire clear thinking, it’s also a great colour for a study area if you have space to add a desk. Dress the area with yellow rugs and vases to create a bedroom office.

Bedroom colour scheme ideas – mustard rug
Bedroom colour scheme ideas – grey wardrobe

7. Bedroom colour schemes for small spaces

Colour can help a room seem larger or smaller, so it might be that your chosen bedroom colour ideas are influenced by the size of the space you’re working with. As a general rule, lighter colours invite a feeling of openness in a smaller bedroom, while darker colours make it even cosier.

If you want to increase the feeling of space, try lots of white on the walls, white bedroom furniture and bed linen – but vary textures and introduce accent colours to stop it feeling too flat. Increase the feeling of space further with mirrors.

Also make the most of the space you have – try furniture with multiple uses, such as a bed with storage, or a sofa bed. Go for a white wardrobe with space-saving bi-fold or sliding doors or semi-fitted wardrobes with built-in mirrors.


8. Try the luxurious rustic vibe

Create a cosy, rustic scheme with your bedroom colour ideas. Paint the walls shades of beige and cream, the perfect backdrop to show off some gorgeous wooden bedroom furniture. Mix textures and materials with marble side tables and cosy accessories such as knitted throws and tactile cushions.

If you enjoy the look and feel of natural wood, wooden headboards look very effective. Mid-toned woods like oak and birch work well. Layer the bed with natural linen bedding, so that it looks inviting and cosy.


We hope that you feel inspired by our bedroom colour scheme ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.

Bedroom colour scheme ideas – two tone furniture

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