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7 white bedroom ideas

Do you relish the idea of retreating to a peaceful, calm, sleep sanctuary at the end of the day? There’s something about an all-white bedroom that suggests Zen like bliss and quiet serenity. But before you rush down to your local hardware store for several litres of white paint, pause for a moment. There’s a fine line between an effortlessly chic all-white aesthetic, and a bedroom that feels sterile and cold. Stay on track with our white bedroom ideas – 7 top tips to help you create that all-white bedroom you’ll love to relax in.
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1. Mix up your whites

It goes without saying that, for that all-white look, you need a white base, the perfect blank canvas. But it does not have to be completely white… far from it.

Mix shades of white on your walls, bedroom furniture and accessories and your bedroom will look stunning. The colour white comes in a variety of tones from the white spectrum, including off-white and the aptly named, ‘cotton’. Pure white on its own makes a room feel clinical and sterile, the best white bedroom ideas mix tones to create depth and add warmth without ruining the harmony of your décor.


White bedroom ideas – grey bed
White bedroom ideas – semi fitted wardrobes

2. Choose white bedroom furniture

Once you’ve got your floors and walls sorted it can be tempting to feel like you’ve ‘done enough’ to get that all-white bedroom vibe on the go. But you’ll soon see that it only takes one dark-wood piece of furniture too many to eradicate your efforts. A few carefully chosen pieces in a different colour are fine but, as a general rule, most white bedroom ideas suggest that you try to keep around 80% of your furnishings white. Place a chic, Parisian style white dressing table, next to a white-framed full-length mirror, next to your pretty white bed frame. Or pair modern white wardrobes with glossy white bedside tables or a white chest of drawers. It may seem like it’s going to be overkill but (and you’ll have to trust us here), it won’t be.


3. Sleep in a heavenly white bed

The bed is usually the focal point of the room, but you don’t necessarily need a white bed frame to suit white décor. A double bed with a wooden bed frame or a king size bed with a romantic metal bed frame or even a super king size bed with a grand buttoned headboard can suit a white bedroom when dressed with all white bedding.

For luxurious white bedroom ideas think crisp white Egyptian cotton sheets and pillowcases, embroidered white quilts and textured throws. The candle wick bed spread is making a come back with lovers of all things vintage, or – if you love pared back simplicity – choose a simple white cotton duvet cover.


White bedroom ideas – wooden double divan bed
White bedroom ideas – ivory rug

4. Add texture with accessories

You may not be able to go as ‘mad’ with colours as with other décor themes, but the all white look craves interesting textures, so in your white bedroom ideas don’t shy away from building up an eclectic array of accessories such as throws, ceramics and cushions. Again, these can be in white, cotton, off-white and even a very pale grey. And it’s with the textures that you can be really adventurous. Think Nordic style faux fur, cable knit throws or deep pile shaggy white rugs. Artistic pieces, including wall art, come in every shade of pale, and it’s easy to find mirrors with ornate white painted frames and beautiful statement clocks with white faces.


5. Add interest to your white bedroom with…

Natural Wood

Dark or pale browns suit a white bedroom as long as you use them sparingly. Imagine a rustic dark-wood coffee table in the corner of the room, or a set of pale oak bedside tables. Natural wood brings out the freshness of the colour white, but remember that white is the dominant colour.

Complementary pale shades

You can add dashes of different colours, as long as the tones are muted and you follow the 80% rule again. Be wary of using cream which can take on a slightly ‘dirty’ tone next to pristine white. Try to stick to greys, or pale blues where possible. The occasional spray of pretty pink or violet flowers can add a dash of colour without detracting from the serenity of your white bedroom ideas.

White bedroom ideas – Ercol bedside cabinet
White bedroom ideas – leather cowhide rug

Vintage leather accents

Add a splash of charm and interest with a distressed leather accent chair or a cowhide rug. A cool, contemporary touch in an all white bedroom.

White bookshelves

White bookshelves are not just for the living room, as white bedroom ideas go, they’re very practical. Modern display units look sleek in the modern bedroom. Or, if you’re feeling creative and want to create a shabby chic bedroom, find wooden bookshelves and paint them white to blend in with your white walls.

Luxe metallics

Another way you can add detailing and character to a white bedroom is with metallic accessories, which blend effortlessly with an all-white palette. Silvers, chromes, coppers and rose golds all work perfectly. Use in picture frames, accent tables, candle holders, door handles, mirrors and vases – or you could even choose a metal headboard for your bed.

Layered lighting

Imagine a stunning chandelier as the centrepiece, possibly the most glamorous of white bedroom ideas. For a modern bedroom, a chic designer floor lamp. Layered lighting creates an intimate atmosphere and warms up white décor.


White bedroom ideas – grand silver leaner mirror
White bedroom ideas – white and gold floor lamp

6. Avoid a white carpet

The idea of a white carpet is one thing, but the reality of looking after it and keeping it pristine is another altogether. Let’s face it, having to be careful about your carpet is the exact opposite of a relaxing and serene atmosphere. So, to keep the housework to a minimum, our white bedroom ideas include rustic exposed wood flooring bleached or painted white. Remember, you can add softness and luxury with a white rug or a pale grey rug.


7. Steer clear of brights and bolds

Eye catching pink cushion? No thank you. Stunning patterned rug? Afraid not. Your all-white bedroom is pale and interesting, and anything bright or bold breaks the rules. So one of the most practical of our white bedroom ideas is to make sure you have plenty of storage, so that any bright coloured clothes or possessions can be hidden out of sight. Ottoman beds and sliding wardrobes are ideal for keeping clutter at bay.

When balanced beautifully, the all-white aesthetic is distinctive, space-enhancing and calming. Plus, it’s one of those rare looks that never goes out of style. So, if you feel that your bedroom is in need of a lift, go for all-white bedroom furniture and décor that oozes unique charm, and which stays relevant all year round. Sold? Us too.

White bedroom– modern abstract canvas wall art

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