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Beautiful Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

Your bedroom is your private sanctuary, where you can truly be yourself – so it’s the perfect place to display wall art which expresses who you are and what you love. From framed movie posters to statement pieces of abstract art, different types of wall art lend themselves to different styles of décor – so your artistic taste could influence the design of the whole room. Read on for a few tips, and some of our favourite bedroom wall art ideas.
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Bedroom wall art ideas – floral wall art

How to hang wall art in your bedroom

In the bedroom, the bed’s the focal point of the room, so treat it as you might treat a grand mantelpiece in your living room. You could hang one large statement piece of art centred above your bed – but make sure that the wallart is not wider than the bed.

Another option is to arrange several pictures of the same size horizontally. If you do this, an odd number looks more harmonious than an even number. Eye-level is the usual rule when hanging art, but remember you’ll often be looking at your framed art prints or wall canvases from the position of lying down, so take that lower viewpoint into consideration.

If you’re planning a gallery wall in your bedroom, arrange the pictures on the floor first as you decide on the grouping. Handy hint – choose the centre picture first, then build your layout around it.

Bedroom wall art ideas – floral wall art

Wall art for the Art lover’s bedroom

Art prints in the bedroom are perfect for the art lover, and a way to indulge your love of creativity. Whether you like classic art or something more modern, drawings and prints look beautiful in a bedroom. From the sketches of Leonardo da Vinci to prints by Matisse and Picasso there’s so much to choose from. You could go for Art Nouveau prints and posters, by artists such as Aubrey Beardsley and Klimt. Of, if you love the abstract and colourful, Kandinsky and Klee are good choices. Looking for something subtle and beautiful for above that chest of drawers ?Japanese art and delicate botanical prints could be for you.

You can even visit art fairs and buy original works or limited edition prints from amateur and professional artists at surprisingly affordable prices. Wingback [chairs]( wingback-chairs/) and piles of colourful cushions suit the Art lover’s bedroom.


Maps and more for the Explorer’s bedroom

You’ve travelled the world, and like to remember far flung places you’ve visited. For the classic look framed vintage maps are the perfect nod to your wanderings around the globe, while, in a modern bedroom you can create a feature map wall. A gallery wall of photographs from your travels is sure to bring back happy memories and remind you that there are always adventures to be had. Lush houseplants, leather armchairs and trunk style coffee tables suit the Explorer’s bedroom.

Bedroom wall art ideas – framed vintage map
Bedroom wall art ideas – black and white print

Photographic wall art for the Modernist’s bedroom

In an uncluttered, modern bedroom wall art can really shine. This might be a large, statement canvas of abstract art or a collection of modern framed prints. Framed black and white photographic prints always make an impact – whether they’re of nature, people, cars, planes or architecture. The cloud photographs of Ansell Adams and the famous photographs of celebrities by Annie Leibovitz, Irving Penn or Elliott Erwitt are particularly popular in modern interiors and, as bedroom wall ideas, they’re all pretty cool. You don’t get more contemporary than city life, and colourful cityscapes create a cool and contemporary focal point in a bedroom, especially when they’re printed on glass. Semi fitted wardrobes, metal bed frames and glossy white bedroom furniture suit the Modernist’s bedroom.


Landscapes and scenes for the Escapist’s bedroom

Do you love to dream about where you’ve already been or where you would like to escape to? Sand dunes with a view out to sea, a remote and beautiful island, a romantic street scene in Europe or a peaceful harbour – they’re all great bedroom wall art ideas. Lose yourself in a landscape or place that appeals to you, it’s the perfect way to end the day and go to sleep in a calm, serene state of mind. Soft pastel shades, summer washed blues and natural oak bedroom furniture suit the Escapist’s bedroom.

Prints and posters for the Culture lover’s bedroom

The movies, music, books and even plays that you love say so much about who you are. Do you love old black and white films? From Laurel and Hardy to Gone with the Wind, brighten your bedroom with posters of your favourite classic films. And you can now get prints of classic book covers – from Animal Farm to Catcher in the Rye. Do you have a vinyl collection? Vinyl sleeves can be wall art. Display your favourite album covers in frames and remind yourself of the sound track of your youth. Place memorabilia on floating shelves or an open [display unit]( storage/bookcases/) and surround yourself with all the wonderful culture you love.

Bedroom wall art – seascape photographic print
Bedroom wall art ideas – Zebra wall art

Wallart for the Nature lover’s bedroom

If you’re a nature lover, why not create a bedroom that surrounds you with the beauty of the natural world Prints of butterflies, paintings of meadows of flowers or forests with the sun shining through the trees, seascapes with ocean waves – there’s so much wallart to choose from. Or you can opt for art that represents the animal kingdom, from tigers and zebras to elephants and highland cows. Scandinavian style with wooden chests of drawers, slatted bed frames and textured rugs and throws suits the Nature lover’s bedroom.


Other bedroom wall ideas

There’s more wall décor than wall art. Perhaps you know a talented artist who could create a mural on your wall. Or a feature wall can become a work of art in itself if it is covered with artistic wall paper, perhaps in a botanical or abstract print. An oversized statement clock can be the focal point of a bedroom wall. You could even hang a patterned [rug](https:// or textile panel, or decorate with sculptural plaques or a collection of mirrors of different shapes and sizes.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our bedroom wall art ideas. For more home décor articles, please visit our [Home of Inspiration]( the-home-of-inspiration/).

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