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Autumn 2021’s biggest interior trends

Join influential interior stylist Lucy Gough as she takes us through the four trends set to dominate Autumn/Winter 2021.
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Autumn is a time to get cosy, snuggle down and prepare for the long nights and frosty mornings ahead. It’s also the perfect time to reconsider your décor. We’ve gathered the only 2021 trends you need to know about. So, grab a mug of hot chocolate or your favourite tipple, and take a scroll through the must-have Autumn/Winter interior trends for 2021 with Lucy Gough.


1. Woodland Wonder

This first trend is all about creating a fairytale forest ambience and giving it a decadent twist.

Think marble dining tables, velvet divans and dark wood sideboards. “They create a luxe style that’s rooted in nature - and very easy on the eye,” says Lucy.

“Lush forest greens and deep teals keep it feeling cosy - perfect for winter weekends inside.”

Pockets of mid-century charm like retro sofas turn it into a relaxing yet elegant retreat. Venturing into the woods has never felt so luxurious.


Top tip:

Bring in one or two real plants – we love Aspidistras and Devil’s Ivy - to create an authentic woodland vibe.


2. Rustic Scandi

Contrast is key with this next look. A Nordic take on New York, this 2021 trend mixes our two favourite design styles: industrial and Scandi.

All you need is a neutral palette, handcrafted artisan furniture and lots of textures.

“Play with opposites. Experiment putting smooth leather against wood, chenille against metal. A sleek wooden sideboard next to an exposed brick wall is so simple yet so effective.”

At the heart of this look are characterful handmade pieces, like the wooden dining table. We're sure even the most devoted of city-dwellers will fall for its natural beauty.

For more Scandi inspiration, head to our inspirational gallery of Scandi looks.


3. Hollywood Glam

Love luxury, but not a fan of over-the-top glamour? This Hollywood-inspired trend delivers proper, grown-up glamour that oozes sophistication.

“Here we return to the golden era of Hollywood. Burnt peach feature walls, head-turning décor and seriously luxurious sofas. It’s a cushion lover's paradise!”


It’s the stunning sunburst chandelier or the crystal decanter that gives this look its polished finish.

“This look is all in the little details,” explains Lucy. “Channel your inner magpie, because shiny accessories are what’s needed here.”

Of course, the glam sofa is the real star of the show. Soft velvet, scroll arms and deep, sumptuous seats. Pure heaven...

Check out our other gorgeous glam trend ideas here.


4. Urban Retro

It’s not just flares that are making a comeback in 2021, 70s mania has taken hold of the interior design world too.

It’s goodbye contemporary colourways and clean lines, and hello muted brights and tassels.

“The 70s was the decade of the colour block. Perfect for feature walls, it’s a great way to inject joy and positivity into your home,” explains Lucy.

“There’s plenty of retro buttoning detail throughout, and a mix of velvet and leather."


Top tip:

Opposites attract, and complementary primary shades pop as soon as you walk in the door. Plus, it’s easy to break them up with black geometric accents and like shelves and bookcases.


While we won’t be dusting off our flares just yet, we are loving this cheery trend.

We hope these four trends have got your creative juices flowing and you’re feeling ready to refresh your interiors this Autumn. Feeling a little houseproud? We get it. Share your snaps with #MYFVHOME on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed.

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