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Make an entrance: 5 easy hallway ideas

First impressions count. Especially in your hallway. Ready to step your game up with a show-stopping entrance space and set the tone for the rest of your home? We’re going to show you how you can take your hallway from hall of shame to hall of fame in five easy steps with our hallway storage ideas.
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1. Console tables: Statement surfaces

Console tables are real hidden gems. “They’re not on everyone’s radar, but they’re insanely useful in tight, cramped spaces like hallways,” Lucy Gough, stylist, explains.

Compact and slimline, they’re a great small hallway storage idea.

“A statement industrial console table against a neutral wall delivers bold, clean lines and can give your space a more put-together feel,” says Lucy.

Pair it with a pile of coffee table books, a vase and several handpicked ornaments and you have an insta-ready setup.

“Go for a design that speaks to your own personal style, but you’ll find everything from industrial to contemporary chrome designs at Furniture Village.”

We’re definitely fans of a console table around here. Pros: Never lose your keys again. Cons: literally zero. It’s a win-win for your sanity and your style creds.

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2. Storage: Nooks with seriously good looks

Empty space is a waste of good square footage. On the other hand, a hallway stacked with shoes and your entire coat collection? That’s never going to impress guests when you open the front door.

Enter the sideboard, the ultimate hallway storage idea.

“Hallways are a great place for storage. This spare space often goes unused, so it makes sense to keep things in a space you don’t spend a lot time in. My go-to to is a sleek and stylish sideboard. These space-saving heroes keep the clutter at bay - even if it does still look a little chaotic behind the closed doors!”

Handcrafted or high-gloss, these nifty nooks can store shoes, books, plus that tangled mess of electronic wires you’re always meaning to sort out.

Pair with a table lamp and a plant pot or two to complete the look and voila, a hallway you can be proud to show to the world.

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3. Mirrors: Let there be light

Hallways suffer from what all small spaces do: lack of light. Which means a mirror should be at the top of your shopping list.

“Hallway walls are often crying out for something decorative to break up the narrow lines and confined feeling. A gold or silver mirror instantly adds another dimension to your space and draws the eye upwards,” says Lauren Davenport, Accessories Buyer.

A mirror makes any space feel bigger – and is perfect for checking you’ve not accidentally dropped toothpaste all over you before you head out. Try a statement shape for a quirky feel or create an on-trend mirror wall with a row of three individual mirrors.

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4. Finishing touches: Deck the hall

Every hallway needs décor and details. “Decorations will bring your hallway to life. And the best thing? It’s so easy to do. Plants, ornaments and vases are quick additions that makeover any space in a moment,” says Lauren.

Create a centrepiece by pairing a console table with a colourful vase. Or a large wall-clock can look impressive, with the added bonus that you’ll never be late leaving the house again.

Don’t forget, décor starts from the ground up. From funky terrazzo tiles to a classic black and white checkboard lino, patterned flooring brings impact and will catch the eye – even yours each time you open the front door.

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5. Hallway seating: On the bench

Sitting awkwardly on the stairs to put your shoes on? Or maybe you’re doing that weird hopping motion, one shoe on, one shoe off, desperately wondering where you left the shoehorn last time you tried to leave the house. It doesn’t have to be this way.

A small bench in the hallway looks pretty, but it’s an insanely practical addition to your hallway too. “They’re a perfect perch for putting your shoes on, and can even double-up as a cosy reading nook away from the rest of the house,” says Lucy.

And if your hallway bears a slight resemblance to spaghetti junction with more than two doors going off it, you have space to work with and could even think about putting an accent chair and side table in there.

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We hope these hallway storage ideas have inspired you to get creative in your hallway and give it a stylish revamp. Use #MYFVHOME to share your creations on Instagram. We’re always on the lookout for standout spaces to share on our feed.

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