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10 of the best corner sofas

Welcome to the corner sofa hall of fame. Nap spot, style centrepiece or family cinema zone, a corner sofa is many things – but what is it to you? We’ve rounded up our ten best corner sofas to help you find the one. Chosen for their unique style, practical design or noteworthy squish levels, your perfect corner sofa is just one small scroll away…
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The sleek one: contemporary corner sofa

If you love clean lines and neutral colours, keep things simple with a contemporary corner sofa. These understated beauties offer a chill relaxation space that is still smart enough for entertaining and getting likes on the ‘gram. Our Upholstery Buyer, Mark Reynolds, tells us, “These versatile corner sofas do double duty. Beautifully upholstered in soft fabrics while boasting deep seats and sink-into softness.” They’re a dream to style too. Discover contemporary living room ideas in our stylish gallery.


The show-off: glam corner sofa

Steal the show with a glam corner sofa. Designed to turn heads, chrome studding and sumptuous cushions make these real customer favourites. “Over the last year, glam corner sofas have really taken off. They pair deep, ultra-soft seats with standout style, so it’s no surprise people have fallen head over heels for them when we’re all looking to indulge in a little more comfort at home.” And the best thing about them? Cushions. Lots and lots of cushions.



The sophisticated one: luxury corner sofa

Now for the Rolls Royce of corner sofas. Think kick-your-shoes off, I-never-want-to-get-up-again type of comfort. These luxury corner sofas look beautiful, but it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. “Our homegrown British brands like Duresta and Alexander & James handcraft premium sofas using the finest materials. If you haven’t experienced the supreme comfort that is a duck feather cushion, you need to. Sitting really is believing.”


The cool one: ultra-modern corner sofa

Next up, the cool corner sofa on the block: the ultra-modern corner sofa. These total trendsetters are all sleek good looks and statement silhouettes – but they’re designed with cutting-edge comfort technology too. “Pocket sprung seats and super-smooth power recliner mechanisms score these sofas high on the comfort scale. And 100% leather upholstery gives them a luxe edge,” says Mark. Many even come with USB charging so you can recharge at the same time as your phone. Pretty neat, huh?



All together: Family corner sofa

Our family corner sofas are designed to withstand the demands of a busy household. Family-friendly fabrics or easy-clean premium leathers pair with supportive cushions, built-in lumbar support and plenty of space for everyone to stretch out. Snuggle up with little ones or pry your teenagers from their rooms; bringing the family together are what corner sofas were made for after all. Now just to agree what you’re watching on TV…


For your first home: budget corner sofas

First-time buyers rejoice! You can have your home and your dream corner sofa too. Our budget corner sofas promise style and comfort without breaking the bank. “From timeless scroll arms to modern, boxy designs, our collection has something for everyone,” Mark explains. “They don’t scrimp on comfort either, with many boasting pocket sprung seats and fibre-filled cushions.” Who says you can’t sit pretty on a budget?



Make it your own: modular corner sofa

As the saying goes, if you want something done well, do it yourself. The benefits to designing your own modular corner sofa are endless. They let you maximise every inch of space and seat the whole family in comfort. Plus, you can customise with power recliners, chaise ends and adjustable headrests. These high-tech upgrades take your relaxation to a whole new level at the simple touch of a button. Not to mention, they simply ooze high-end, designer style credentials.


The snug one: compact corner sofa

Don’t think your space is big enough for a corner sofa? Think again. “Compact corner sofas are the perfect addition to studio apartments, flats or snug rooms,” Mark explains. With space-saving proportions they feel nice and cosy, and with a footstool it’s easy to stretch out. See how our sofas measure up before you buy with our handy Sofa Sizer.



The extra-soft one: velvet corner sofa

Your Sunday naps are about to get a lot more luxurious. “With velvet corners sofas, it’s love at first sit. You just cannot beat velvet for softness. It’s the number one choice if you like to lounge in luxury,” says Mark. Velvet wears bold colours well, so they’re the best corner sofa if you want something unique and eye-catching. For styling inspiration, take a look at our plush velvet living room ideas.


The multi-tasker: corner sofa with a sofa bed

Meet the multi-tasker of the corner sofa world: the corner sofa bed. This ingenious design is a great space-saver and makes having guests to stay a breeze. “Our collection spans modern and traditional designs. Many feature quick-opening mechanisms and memory foam or pocket sprung mattresses for ultimate overnight comfort,” Mark tells us. Sofa by day, bed by night, these corner sofas are real superheroes of the home.



So, have you found the one yet? We hope you found your dream design amongst our best corner sofas round-up. Join our stylish customers and share your looks on Instagram with #MYFVHOME. We love seeing your creations.

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