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14 Naturally Beautiful Grey and Brown Living Room Ideas

Who doesn’t love grey and brown? It’s the classic combo. We reached out to our interior stylist Aneta Skoczek and asked her to share her top tips for creating a fabulous grey and brown interior. If you’ve got your sights set on a relaxed and chic grey and brown living room, read on…
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Want a taste of the Big Apple? This industrial take on a grey and brown living room is taken straight from New York’s loft apartments and brims with character. We’re talking exposed brick walls, floorboards, and metal and concrete all round.


1. Embrace the industrial: grey and brown with character

First up, a statement brown leather sofa. “Chesterfields add charm and are the focal point of a grey and brown living room. Walnut or coffee shades are lovely choices because they have such a rich depth of colour,”Aneta explains.

2. Make grey cool with industrial concrete effect furniture

Lighten your space with concrete-effect accents like side tables and coffee tables. They’re hardwearing but light enough to contrast against the darker tones of the look. Not to mention super-practical too.


3. Use industrial accessories for a twist on brown and grey

While industrial furniture has a warehouse feel, it’s easy to make it cosy with comforting grey and brown accessories. Our interior stylist Aneta Skoczek tells us, “A pebble or slate-coloured rug lifts the whole space and provides cosy comfort underfoot. Boost your mood with plants and vases, and don’t forget to add personal touches like family photos and mementos.”

Shop the Industrial Look

Raw textures and angular lines, the essential industrial ingredients.



Think grey and brown is traditional? Or even, (whisper it) boring? Think again. This glam take transforms these classic shades into a showstopping pair.

4. Make a glamorous statement with grey and brown

All you need is a seriously comfy brown sofa and grey rug – it’s that simple. The only condition? “They must be glamorous,” says our interior stylist, Aneta Skoczek. “A brown sofa with gold or chrome detailing gives your space a glam edge while deep seats bring that luxury feel. Glamorous furniture is a must have for this look.”


5. Give grey and brown a glamorous makeover using textures

Now the real fun starts. “You can really go to town with accessories in a grey and brown living room,” says Aneta. “Remember, this look’s all about texture. We’re talking the softest velvets, extra-shaggy rugs, and lots of cushions - the more the better. As long as they’re grey or silver.”

6. Grey and brown, glamorously groomed

One of the most overlooked parts when refreshing an interior is our furry friends’ own space. “Changing your pet’s bed is a fresh and simple way to change things up without doing too much. And you can really make it glam with a pet bed in the style of your own sofa,” Aneta explains.


Shop the Glam Look

Mix and match these pieces to create a perfectly plush interior made for decadent cocktail parties and oh-so luxurious relaxation.



This one’s for the minimalists. We know you love grey, but we’re here to persuade you that you need a little brown in your life too.

7. Create a grey and brown contrast in your Scandi interior

In this look, grey and brown work by creating contrast instead of harmony. Minimalist grey walls and flooring are broken up by a handful of key pieces to create drama with an ultra-modern feel.

Aneta suggests, “Set the scene with a statement brown sofa in leather or velvet, and then introduce one or two contemporary storage pieces like a bookcase or TV stand finished in a dark brown lacquer or veneer. Slate walls and open-plan spaces are lovely, but sometimes they’re crying out for some colour. Dark wood has a natural warmth and stops your living room from feeling too cold.”


8. Break up the brown with clean Scandi furniture in grey

“It’s no secret that grey sofas look stunning against wooden floors. It’s a classic pairing and, like all great trends, has stood the test of time. Just introduce an accent colour with scatter cushions and you’re good to go.” says Aneta.

9. Let the hygge flow, Scandi-style

Wood panelled walls are great for giving your living room a cosy Scandi feel. Simply pair with a sleek grey recliner sofa and some Scandi furniture and you can recharge in your very own Scandi cabin.

“This look would also work with a lavish grey velvet sofa, plus a fluffy throw and a comfy cushioned footstool for good measure.”


Shop the Modern Minimalist Look

Keep your contemporary canvas pared back. Confident lines are key.



It’s time to get snug and cosy with an understated grey and brown living room idea. Just team several shades of subtle grey with a touch of solid oak to create a space with a tranquil coastal feel. Hint: No ocean required.

10. Go with coastal chic: all-natural grey and brown

“Grey and brown are actually very warm, calming colours. They’re great for snugs and any space where you go to relax,” Aneta tells us.

Opt for a handcrafted oak coffee table, and add woven baskets or ceramic ornaments to put your own stamp on things.


11. Pick a cosy grey sofa for a beach house look

Our interior stylist Aneta Skoczek lets us in on how to find the right grey sofa for this look. “Chic, contemporary décor needs a sofa that feels just as good as it looks. Deep seats with plump cushions are a must – and don’t forget to consider an extra-soft fabric like velvet or chenille too.”

To find the perfect-sized sofa for your grey and brown living room, use our handy sofa sizer.

12. Let the coastal sunshine in: grey with brown accents

Aneta tells us: “Brown has just the right amount of warmth. You can warm up your space and bring an on-trend summer feel by introducing display cabinets and units in natural tones and materials to add in some brown hues.”


Shop the Coastal Look

Like a fresh north-easterly breeze, coastal styling is clean and uncomplicated.



If you’ve already got a grey or brown living room and want to change it up, we have one word for you: accessories.


13. Do it with décor: brown accessories

“There’s something about brass and brown accessories which really elevate grey living spaces. Warm and earthy, they’re perfect for shabby chic and more glam looks,” says Aneta.


14. Bring out the grey with modern finishing touches

On the flip side, you can use grey accents in a predominantly brown living space to give it a more sophisticated edge. Aneta tells us. “Mirrors are a must. They’re beautiful to look at and add more light. What’s not to love?”

A clock or piece of wall art is an opportunity to show off your unique style and personality – and don’t skip on finishing touches either, they’re what tie this whole look together.

We hope you enjoyed reading our seven grey and brown living room ideas. Whoever said grey and brown were boring? Don’t forget to share your creations on Instagram with #MYFVHOME – we’d love to see them.

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