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6 Gold and Rose Gold Bedroom Ideas

We have a secret to share. What if we told you that you could completely revamp your bedroom by introducing just one or two metallic accents? With gold and rose gold, you can. These warm and brilliant metals promise radiant interiors that are beautiful to look at and a treat to relax in.
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Say goodbye to dull interiors. Decorate until your bedroom’s gleaming or simply add dainty touches of golden accents throughout. Read on to discover how gold and rose gold can transform your bedroom.

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1. Go for Gold (and Rose Gold!)

Warm and luminous, these two similar but distinctive metals are perfect for accenting your décor and adding a delicate radiance to your bedroom. Gold’s yellow hue adds warmth and glamour while rose gold bedroom accessories let you play with beautiful blush tones. There’s not much these gorgeous metallics can’t do. They add warmth, light and elegant design to any bedroom. A decadent bevelled gold mirror adds light-reflecting shine while a chic and elegant ceiling light of cascading rose-gold orbs offers gorgeous contemporary design. Taken a shine to these pretty metallics? We know the allure of these gorgeous metals is hard to resist. So get creative with your accessory choices, mix your metals and treat yourself to this luxury aesthetic.

2. Natural Radiance: Gold and neutrals

For a touch of modern elegance, try this classic pairing. Soft neutrals and warm gold accessories create fresh, bright interiors with a natural finish. Think beige, grey and taupe for your base colour, then accent throughout with warm gold touches. Choose an exquisitely upholstered beige divan bed in a neutral shade and complement with a beautiful selection of beige, white and gold scatter pillows and a soft throw for cosy comfort. For the golden accessories, try a statement gold antique clock or an elegant gold floor lamp for soft ambient lighting. Open your space by introducing a mirrored sliding wardrobe and brighten your bedroom with this clean and contemporary gold bedroom idea.

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3. Gilded Luxury: Gold and navy

Treat yourself to the decadent luxury of a gold and navy bedroom. Inspired by the rich colours and materials of Art deco design, this captivating gold bedroom idea brings a plush and opulent aesthetic to navy’s dark tones. First, pair a gold metal bed frame with a navy or damask bedspread. Then, add a pair of dark wood bedside cabinets and a rose gold vase or accessory. Be bold with a dark navy statement wall and you can even add gold details in unexpected places. Gold light switches look stunning against the rich backdrop of navy. The gleam of a burnished gold chandelier adds the final opulent touch, and lights up your impressive set up with golden charm.

4. Tranquil Scandi: Rose gold and light wood

Clean and fresh, this peachy take on Scandi style is perfect for creating warm, relaxed interiors. The warm, pinkish tint of rosegold perfectly complements the fresh and light colour of pale wood. It lends a blush-toned radiance to the simple, pared-back style of Scandi furniture and brings out the best in its iconic design. Pair a beautiful pine bed frame with a white bedspread and rose gold flecked scatter pillows. Next, add a rose gold lamp to a light oak bedside table and complete the look with a rose goldtealight holder for a soft candlelit glow in the evenings. This rose gold bedroom idea adds a lavish touch to functional Scandi style for a bedroom that’s practical and beautiful.

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5. Back to Black: Black, rose gold and gold

Discover the dark side of rose gold and gold. Black offers a dramatic contrast to the luminous warmth of goldbedroom accessories. Inky and midnight blacks set off the warm tones of gold and rose gold beautifully, while highlighting their warm luminosity. A statement black wall let’s a curved rose gold floor lamp really ‘pop’ while a gold leaf mirror breaks up the empty expanse of a plain black wall in stunning style. Equally, choose a piece of mesmerising wall art with golden elements for a captivating centrepiece. This luxuriously decadent colour scheme creates lavish bedrooms with plenty of opportunity for lustrous decoration. Decadent glamour never looked so good.

6. Gold Rush Rustic: Gold and warm wood

This unlikely pairing makes for a stunning bedroom with a natural edge – perfect for rustic design lovers. The rough and unfinished quality of the wood furniture finds a perfect accompaniment in the gleaming glint of gold accessories. Choose a gold metal bed frame and decorate with a beautiful mixture of white and gold velvet scatter pillows. You can even add a rich, golden-toned ochre accent armchair in a luxurious deep-buttoned style for a striking accent piece. Wooden flooring, and even wooden walls, create a rich and cosy feel while the gold adds a luxurious touch to this industrial-lite look. Mixing styles and materials lends impact to your bedroom by drawing the eye with surprising contrasts.

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We hope that you feel inspired by our gold and rose gold bedroom ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.

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