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8 Modern Bedroom Ideas

What makes a great modern bedroom? However your space looks, you still need it to be relaxing and suitable for sleep.
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What makes a great modern bedroom? However your space looks, you still need it to be relaxing and suitable for sleep. A modern bedroom can have contemporary furniture, design touches and colour schemes, but it still has a specific function to meet.

Luckily, there are ways to create a bedroom that’s comfortable and practical but with a modern vibe that’s sure to make you the envy of your friends. Think tranquil yet sleek, with bold colours and some statement furniture. Read on for our 8 modern bedroom ideas.

Modern Bedroom Ideas

1.Think low-profile bedroom furniture

A popular trend with modern bedroom ideas is low-profile furniture. This means pieces that seem lower to the ground than perhaps they would be normally, and wider too. Also go for clean, straight lines and simple silhouettes, rather than anything ornate.

Keep these simple design traits in mind when you update your bedroom furniture. An ottoman bed might give you the desired look here, or try simple wooden bedframe. The Scandi look favours this approach, so you will have no trouble finding bedside tables or a chest of drawers to match.

Look for low-profile seating too, you can always make a statement with a vintage inspired accent chair for a cool splash of contrast in your modern bedroom.

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2. Make your bed the focal point

Some of the best modern bedroom designs are out to make a statement – putting the bed itself front and centre. Nothing wrong with that, sleep is the main focus of a bedroom after all.

You could choose a really eye-catching bed – something with a design that stands out. Hypnos beds, for example, come in an array of designs, with modern headboard styles, colours and materials. With your bed chosen, make it stand out further by painting the wall behind in a contrasting shade, then dressing it with white linen and a display of cushions with vibrant, contemporary patterns and in a mix of materials from silk to velvet.

Modern style should also be matched by modern comfort. Tempur mattresses use a patented memory foam system for added support, and you can always add extra softness to any mattress with a mattress topper.

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3. Introduce bolder colour choices

The modern bedroom favours the bold, and this is reflected in the use of colour. But don’t overdo it, the space still needs to feel calming and relaxing, with shades that build a warming, cosy environment.

Try a bolder colour on your walls – a rich violet, deep navy or emerald green. If it starts to overwhelm, break up the scheme with neutrals, such as grey in a variety of shades, and also whites and blacks. Use white bed sheets and a grey rug, for example.

Perhaps you could paint just one wall – as a headboard wall for your bed. Or try a bold colour injection with some yellow cushions and accessories. Statement furniture pieces in strong colours, such as striking bedroom chairs, work well too.

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4. Try the industrial modern look

A style that’s certainly on-trend right now, and suited to modern bedroom designs, is the so-called industrial look. Think raw materials, metallics, reclaimed wood and neutral colours.

This particular scheme can work well if you already have a bare concrete or brick wall, or wooden floors. But you can also channel it with a few choice furniture pieces – upholstered beds in grey will work, as will a wooden bed or a double with a metal frame. Open shelving in metal and wood suit the industrial style bedroom.

Grey painted chests of drawers or bedside cabinets soften the scheme. You can also introduce a silver mirror and hanging pendant lights. But don’t overdo it – minimal furnishings work best in this set-up.

5. Go with a modern feature wall

Turning one wall of a room into a feature or focal point is a design trick often used by today’s interior designers. A modern bedroom can utilise this too, working with it in a number of ways.

The simplest idea is to choose one wall to paint in a different colour to the others. You might want to have it as the wall behind your double divan bed– with the bed itself in a contrasting colour to make it stand out. Or try a modern statement wallpaper on the wall instead – wood effect is very popular right now and suits the modern bedroom. You could even create a photo wall, with pictures of loved ones in matching or contrasting frames. Floating shelves are another way to make a feature out of a wall, perfect for displaying your treasured possessions.

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6. Embrace modern storage solutions

Sometimes it isn’t the look of the furniture or colour scheme that will give the room an up-to-date feel – incorporating some very modern design features may be all that is needed to find that contemporary feel.

Start with the big one – wardrobes. Try semi fitted wardrobes for a streamlined look, with sliding doors or bi-fold doors, which are less intrusive that the traditional style, especially in a smaller bedroom. To enhance the feeling of light and space further, discover our range of mirrored and white wardrobes.

Modern bedroom ideas include a range of other ultra sleek and very practical storage solutions. For example, you’ll find shelves, cupboards and bedside tables in a choice of modern designs and materials.

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7. Create a serene, spa-like setting

Make a modern bedroom perfect for relaxation with a design not dissimilar to a spa. The rule to follow here is pale hues, with just a few pieces of furniture for a minimalist space. This should be a room where you can switch off, literally – leave your smartphone outside, and don’t plan on installing a TV (hint: read a book to relax you instead).

Go for a bed with a wooden frame – natural textures and materials help to create a soothing vibe. Complement this with the other furniture in the room, or go for white instead with your choice of dressing table. A simple, low profile bedside table can be used to stack your reading material.

To finish, introduce more soft textures, helping to de-stress after a long day, through your choice of rugs and cushions. Softer, layered lighting will help you prepare for bedtime. Floor and table lamps are more relaxing than bright overhead lights.

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Modern Clocks

8. Metallics can add to the luxury feel too.

Try a silver mirroror a set of gold cushionsto help channel the luxe feel. A large statement clock –adding a touch of vintage contrast – can look at home in a modern interior too. And if you want to be really lavish and have the space, you could even consider a chandelier.

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We hope that you feel inspired by our modern bedroom ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.

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