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7 Romantic Bedroom Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to share your bedroom with someone you love, does your décor add to the romance or is it more of a passion killer? A relaxed, restful and intimate space is a joy. Equally, a cluttered space or a choice of décor one of you hates can turn your bedroom into more of a battleground than a love nest. You chose each other, so why not create a beautiful, romantic bedroom you both love? Read on for our top 7 romantic bedroom ideas for couples.
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Romantic Bedrooms

Choose a look you both love

A good relationship means compromise, and this applies to how you decorate and furnish your bedroom. If one of you likes the sleek and minimalist look while the other loves all things opulent and luxurious it’s all about finding a middle ground and a look that both of you can live with, and that adds a touch of romance in the bedroom. Perhaps you could choose sleek semi fitted wardrobes to keep the person who likes to be organised happy, but go all out with a lavish upholstered headboard or gorgeous leaner mirror to satisfy the romantic one.

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Romantic bedroom ideas – full length mirror
Romantic bedroom – velvet scrolled bed frame

Make your bed the focal point of the room

The romantic bedroom revolves around the bed, so whether it’s a cosy small double bed or a king size bed make sure you choose one that adds that ‘wow’ factor. A great way to achieve this is through a statement headboard, and there are plenty of styles to choose from. Ornate metal headboards are romantic, while upholstered bedframes with tall buttoned or winged headboards are incredibly luxurious. Wooden bed frames, especially in the sleigh style, are one of our favourite adult bedroom ideas, as they’re so chic and sophisticated. Another way to draw attention to the bed is to create a feature wall behind it. Choose wallpaper in a pattern you both like, or make impact with a strong colour such as a navy blue or a bold red. For a-romantic touch, add some fairy lights or a canopy to make your bed feel really magical.

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Colour your room in romantic tones

Your choice of colour really sets the mood. Here is how you can use colour to create romance in the bedroom.

Passionate reds

Red is the colour of passion, so it’s one of our favourite romantic bedroom ideas for couples. It’s perfect for a feature wall, or for accessories such as rugs, wall art or the shades of bedside lamps.

Whites and pale neutrals

An all white bedroom or a room in shades of cream is incredibly sophisticated. Create that French romantic look by adding a white dressing table or oak bedroom furniture and sheer, translucent curtains. Or choose a more contemporary look with white sliding door wardrobes that make the room feel larger and store the clutter out of sight.

Beautiful blues

Blue is a favourite colour for bedrooms, because there are so many shades to choose from – from fashionable teal tones to deep ocean blues. Break up expanses of blue with white bedroom furniture, a gorgeous grey rug, or a bright yellow cushion or two.

Serene greens

Green is such a relaxing and calming colour for your bedroom sanctuary. Add splashes of green through feature wallpaper, lush houseplants, a velvet cuddle chair or botanical wall art.

Gorgeous greys

Grey is soft, subtle and very on trend. In a variety of warm and cool tones, it’s a great choice for the contemporary bedroom. Combine grey with blues, whites or pinks for a chic, romantic colour scheme. Pale furniture against grey walls is elegantly romantic.

Cheeky pinks and pastel hues

Pastel tones are perfect for creating romance in the bedroom, and the latest trend is to be bold with them. Try different colours on different walls, with a touch of colour and pattern clash to add to the funky, retro vibe. A statement vintage clock or mirror can only add to the charm.

Romantic bedroom ideas – abstract pink canvas
Romantic bedrooms - Holcot Ottoman Bed Frame

Sleep in perfect harmony

When you share a bed, it affects the quality of your sleep, which has an impact on your health and wellbeing. So making sure your bed is right for both of you is one of the most important romantic bedroom ideas for couples. Do you like to be cosy or to stretch out? A super king size bed is great if you like plenty of space, while small double or double beds great for snuggling up. Does one of you prefer a firmer mattress? You can buy mattresses with different firmness levels on each side. Memory foam mattresses such as Tempur adapt to your different body shapes, while mattresses with pocket springs such as Hypnos reduce ‘roll together’ which can disturb your sleep.

Where there’s a problem with sharing a bed, there are always answers – from earplugs if your partner snores to a ban on smartphones in the bedroom. There’s even a solution if you fight over the duvet or prefer different temperatures – simply have two single duvets under one double or super king size bedspread.

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Keep calm with plenty of storage

One of the main causes of arguments between couples is when one person is messy and the other is not. So what’s the solution? Ingenious storage solutions, of course. With chests of drawers in every shape and size, ottoman beds with hidden storage, divan beds with drawers and roomy wardrobes to choose from there’s no excuse for anybody to leave socks on the floor. If the messy person continues offending, a great adult bedroom idea is to have a storage chest in the bedroom. When they leave their stuff lying around, just throw it in there for them to deal with later. Out of sight, out of mind!

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Romantic Bedrooms - Beds with storage
Romantic bedroom ideas – glass table lamp

Create an intimate atmosphere with layered lighting

Lighting is the easiest way to create a feeling of romance in the bedroom. Bedside lamps create intimate pools of light by the bed, while wall lights are subtle. A mix of ceiling lights, wall lights or floor lamps and bedside lights create that romantic ambience, but allow for more lighting when you need it. A note about candles in the bedroom, never leave them unattended even if they are in tea-light holders or glass jars. A much safer solution is the LED candle or LED tea-light, which looks as convincing as the real thing and won’t be a fire hazard.

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Choose luxe accessories

Accessories are a must in our bedroom ideas for couples. From angel wings to wall art, there are plenty of ways to create that loving feeling with beautiful finishing touches. Luxurious cushions piled on the bed make a bedroom feel like more of a boudoir. Although if one of you hates them and chucks them off the bed every night, it might not be worth the arguments – remember you need to both love your bedroom décor for romance to flourish! You deserve to relax together in style. Deep-pile rugs that are soft underfoot, beautiful vases for those scented flowers and ornate mirrors will all add to the luxurious comfort of your romantic bedroom.

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We hope that you feel inspired by our romantic bedroom ideas for couples. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.

Romantic bedroom ideas – red ombre bottle vase

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