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This season’s beds are grand in style with fabulous upholstery and gorgeous details. Our bed buyer Tom St Quintin takes a look at Furniture Village’s new bed frames and picks his favourites.
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Sophisticated and chic, create a beautiful bedroom in verdant greens with the Emerald Isle trend.
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From ‘Peter Rabbit’ to ‘Where the Wild Things Are’
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In this brand-spotlight piece we’ll look at the impressive science behind Dormeo mattresses and uncover the key ways they could seriously improve your life...
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As it’s National Bed Month we’re celebrating with 20 top sleep tips to help you get to sleep
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Ever suffered through a sleepless night? Packed with tips from experts, the 24-Hour Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep can help you guarantee a good night’s rest.
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To aspire means to direct your hopes or ambitions towards achieving something.
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Needing a new mattress is very much like needing a haircut – as soon as you realise you could do with one, you really don’t want to wait.
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Most of us will be familiar with encountering racing thoughts as we try to go to sleep, and will know how frustrating it is to find ourselves awake in the small hours...
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