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The 24-Hour Guide to a Great Night’s Sleep

Ever suffered through a sleepless night? Packed with tips from experts, the 24-Hour Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep can help you guarantee a good night’s rest.
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When was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed, well-rested and rejuvenated? For most of us, this is a rare occurrence. In fact, a recent study found that 37% of Brits reported not getting enough sleep at night – a statistic which ranks us as some of the worst sleepers in the world.[1] And with more and more research supporting the idea that sleep is just as important for our wellbeing as diet and exercise, sleep is something we need to take seriously.

It’s time to tackle tiredness, seize sleepiness by the lapels, and finally bring down what’s keeping us up. It’s time we made it our mission to start sleeping better.

That’s why we’ve created The 24-Hour Guide to a Great Night’s Sleep.

Your bed, bedding and bedroom are all incredibly important for getting a good night’s rest. But far from being something that only happens when your head hits the pillow, sleep is influenced and affected by your lifestyle and environment throughout the day.

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The rhythm of the night

Our bodies follow a biological pattern known as the circadian body clock. It regulates our pattern of alertness and sleepiness, and although largely internal, it is affected by external cues such as sunlight.

Keeping your circadian rhythm balanced is key to getting a good night’s sleep. That means doing all the right things to make sure you feel sleepy when you want to go to bed, and alert when you want to be at your best.

Swiftly flows the day

The 24-Hour Guide to a Great Night’s Sleep features a timeline which tracks anything and everything that might affect your sleep throughout the day and the night. From noise pollution early in the morning to eating too much, too close to bedtime – there’s a world of reasons your body might not be winding down in the way you want it to.

Diet, distractions and travel

Some of the things that can affect our circadian rhythm are out of our control. But there are some you can influence. We spoke to leading experts in the fields of nutrition and sleep to understand more about how we can set ourselves up for a great night’s rest.

– Libby Limon, Nutritionist

As a yoga practitioner and nutritionist, Libby knows a thing or two about achieving peace and balance in the body. In our section on Diet, Libby talks to us about when – and what – to eat to make sure your body is full of energy during the day, and ready for rest at night.

– Lisa Artis, Sleep Expert, The Sleep Council

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Qualified children’s sleep practitioner Lisa has been working in the realm of slumber for over six years. If there’s anything she doesn’t know about nodding off – it’s not worth knowing. An expert on tips and techniques for dealing with sleepless nights and minimising the disruptive effects of travel on your sleeping pattern, Lisa offers lots of great advice in the Travel and Distractions sections.

– Dr Neil Stanley, Sleep Expert

No one knows sleep quite like Dr Neil Stanley. Having spent nearly four decades devoting his career to the scientific and medical study of sleep, there are few more qualified to talk us through what happens to the body while we slumber. He explains to us why we might sleep worse in a new environment, and looks at the reasons why avoiding technology before bed, and keeping the body supported during the night, are so vital.

So, say goodbye to sleepless nights. Take a look at The 24-Hour Guide to a Great Night’s Sleep and you’ll be armed with everything you need to guarantee you sleep soundly, all night long.



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