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12 Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Dreaming of a sleep sanctuary that doubles as a luxury romantic retreat? Here’s Shelley Cochrane, our lovely Accessories Buyer, with her top tips on how to create the ultimate romantic bedroom setting.
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Keep it cosy

Our first romantic bedroom decor tip? Cushions. And throws. And then a few more cushions. “Anything that brings extra softness and warmth to your space is going to make it feel more intimate, “ explains Shelley. Don’t be afraid to go all-out in your quest for cosiness: think luxury cotton bedding, ergonomic pillows and a fluffy rug or two for underfoot softness.


Light a candle (or a few)

Nothing sets the mood for romance quite like basking in the soft glow of candlelight. “Candles are a key part of romantic bedroom decor, and with very good reason!” says Shelley. They signal to your body it’s time to relax and wind down, so why not create a calming candle ritual before bed and enjoy the romantic bedroom ambience? And if you’re not keen on naked flames, fairy lights and faux candles are great alternatives.


Heavenly headboards

After lounge-worthy lie-ins? Look no further than our statement headboards. “A comfy headboard lets you indulge your love for pillow talk, breakfast in bed and the occasional lazy Sunday lie-in,” Shelley advises.

Think pink

Any guesses on the most romantic bedroom colour? If you said red, you’re not too far off. “Pink is the most romantic colour for a bedroom,” says Shelley. Embrace warmer hues like champagne pink, cherry blossom and terracotta for a calming vibe. Soothing shades like these invite you to relax and unwind and will make your bedroom feel more romantic too. Win-win.


Less mess = less stress

“A tidy room really is a tidy mind,” Shelley tells us. It’s hard to relax if you’re stressed or feeling on-edge, which makes clutter in the bedroom a bit of a deal breaker. “The key is to find a place for everything with a bedroom storage solution that works with you and your lifestyle.” City-dwelling commuter or organisation obsessive, we have wardrobes and bedside cabinets to suit every space and style.

Mattress matters

Ever wondered how to recreate that boutique weekend getaway feeling at home? “You often hear people rave about how well they slept while staying at a hotel and, nine times out of ten, it’s down to an incredibly comfortable, well-made mattress,” says Shelley. Luckily, you can find your perfect match in our mattress collection which includes designs from some of the UK’s most luxurious handmade brands like Hypnos and Harrison Spinks.


The light idea

When it comes to creating a romantic bedroom ambience, there is really only one golden rule: stay away from the big light! Instead, opt for two to three lamps to give your space a soft, cosy glow. “After sundown you want to keep blue light to a minimum, so warm-toned bulbs or dimmable switches are must-haves,” explains Shelley.


Crush on velvet

Is there anything better than cosying up on velvet? Its soft pile makes relaxing feel, well, heavenly - and it’s not just indulgent comfort that makes velvet a romantic decor winner. “Whether it’s on your cushions or accent chair, velvet is guaranteed to give your bedroom a luxe, boudoir feel,” says Shelley. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to elevate your sleep space, why not check out our velvet beds?


Fall for curves

The secret to romantic bedroom decor is to create an interior design scheme that balances a sense of intimacy with touches of real luxury. “You want to veer away from harsh lines and choose pieces with curves and rounded edges to give your space harmony and flow,” says Shelley. Think striking round wall mirrors and sweeping winged headboards. Don’t forget, the more soft and plush your decor, the more romantic it will feel.

Take away the tech

Unsurprisingly, electronics aren’t high up on the list of things that make your bedroom romantic and restful. Our phones can sap romance from the bedroom quicker than an old, lumpy mattress. The answer? Charge your phone overnight in another room, or tuck it away in your bedside table so you’re not distracted by the pings of calls and notifications.

It’s in the frame

At the heart of every romantic bedroom, there should be a beautiful bed. Shelley is a big fan of buttoned bed frames for upping the romance factor: “I love a bed frame with a scrolled headboard and footboard with buttoning detail. There’s something very luxurious about climbing into a bed that looks like it belongs in a five star boutique hotel.” Explore our bed frame range to see if there’s a style that catches your eye.


Love at first sit

“Placing an accent chair or a small sofa in a spare corner is a great way to create a cosy nook,” says Shelley. Curl up with your favourite book and read by candlelight or snuggle up together in front of your favourite film.

We hope this article has inspired you to turn your bedroom into a cosy romantic retreat. If you do decide to transform your bedroom, we’d love to see your snaps on Instagram. Just tag #MyFVHome for a chance to feature on our feed.

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