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If you’re looking for bedroom ideas there’s no better place that here on our Home of Inspiration. From the latest bedroom furniture trends to creative décor hints and tips, we have plenty of bedroom inspiration.

Hints & Tips
If you’re struggling to get to sleep at night, your bedroom might be part of the problem. See how to make yours a more relaxing bedroom environment.
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Whether it’s a whole new look or brand new sleep technology, this season’s beds and certainly look and feel different. Join our bed buyer, Tom St Quintin, as he showcases his top picks.
Guides Hints & Tips
The right mattress can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep. Here’s what you need to know before you choose your next mattress.
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A Christmas lie in is more than just a treat, it could boost your health too. Read on for our top tips on catching up on your beauty sleep in a bedroom you love this Christmas.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips
Love the colour teal but not sure how to use it? Our teal bedroom ideas include fabulous colour pairings plus suggestions for stylish bedroom furniture and accessories. Read the Furniture Village article.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips
Transform your bedroom into something special. Sleep in 5 star luxury every night with our 12 luxury bedroom ideas. Read on to find out how.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips
Pale, delicate, warm and sophisticated, cream is the perfect base colour for a restful, relaxing, romantic bedroom. Read on for our favourite cream bedroom ideas.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips
Fresh and contemporary or luxuriously glamorous, the purple and grey bedroom is a thing of beauty. Read on for our 7 favourite purple and grey bedroom ideas.
Design Inspiration Hints & Tips
Give your bedroom a sunny outlook with a splash of cheery yellow. Read this Furniture Village guide to making the most of the happiest colour of all.
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If you’re thinking of giving your bedroom a fresh new look with some new bedroom furniture or new bedroom décor ideas, this is the best place to find exciting bedroom ideas. We have articles on all the latest bedroom furniture trends, décor colours and hints, tip and tricks for making your bedroom look fabulous. You might go for a blue bedroom with a sleigh style king size bed and a traditional wardrobe, a calming white bedroom with natural oak bedroom furniture or a modern bedroom with slider wardrobes and glossy contemporary bedside cabinets. So many ideas, where to start? Whatever look you are after, you’ll find plenty of bedroom inspiration here!