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From Super Simple to Ultra-luxurious: 6 Teal Bedroom Ideas

The perfect partner for some of our favourite bedroom looks, teal brings sophistication, calmness and wonderful style to almost any space. This grownup greenish blue feels rejuvenating in a restrained way, and while you could opt for an all-teal bedroom, we recommend pairing it with some of this season’s hottest shades to create a beautiful space that’s so on trend.
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1.The pretty teal bedroom: soft textures in dusky pink.

Teal is one of those magical colours that can transform any pretty pastel into a sophisticated elegant tone. This is a particularly welcome talent if you're drawn to soft pink for your bedroom but don’t want to design a space that feels too young or too feminine.

For this teal bedroom idea, we recommend that you use teal quite broadly – as a wall colour or for a rug – and then bring in carefully chosen pink bedroom accessories. Look for a grownup dusky pink rather than candy or baby pink and don’t be afraid to introduce interesting textures, like fluffy pink cushions, and eye-catching accent furniture. An upholstered pink armchair provides a pop of pink that will highlight your glorious teal-themed bedroom.

Love the look of teal with an unexpected pastel tone? Our teal with ice cream shades article offers more inspiring design ideas.


2. The Scandi-style teal bedroom: white walls and natural wood.

Refreshing, clean and uncluttered, Scandi style brings Nordic calm to your bedroom and is one of the most sophisticated of our teal bedroom ideas.. But if those cool greys and off whites are starting to feel a little too minimal, then teal is the perfect way to bring a touch of sophisticated warmth. Pair your walls with teal, teal rugs and teal cushions, or go one step further with a statement teal upholstered bed or teal storage bed.

Keep furniture clean and stylish with simple curves and pale wood – chests of drawers and bedside tables with splayed legs, and a wooden bed frame with a spindled headboard. Take a look at ercol furniture for inspiration. This great British brand stays true to its ethos – creating beautiful and functional wood furniture – with a simple, minimal aesthetic that’s entirely in keeping with the Scandi-style look.



3. The Moroccan teal bedroom: red, gold and terracotta in abundance

Bold colour, strong shapes, repeated geometric patterns – when you combine teal with Moroccan inspired design themes, you’re limited only by your imagination. Eclectic and on trend, this look is relatively easy to pull together. Opt for wood bedroom furniture or rustic industrial storage pieces with a weathered look and metallic accents, and a wooden or metal bed.

Then it’s all down to colour. Use teal either as a backdrop on walls, windows or floor, or for a key piece of furniture like a teal bed frame, then layer with plenty of bright and bold colour touches. Focus on colours like red and terracotta to add rich and exotic warmth, or pink and orange tones for a modern bohemian feel.

Metallic accessories are essential and will give your space a touch of Moroccan luxury. Seek out table lamps with metallic bases, large metal framed mirrors, or gold- or silver-themed finishing touches.


4. The luxury teal bedroom: layered blue tones and leather upholstery

Rich and regal, teal lends itself well to a luxe look reminiscent of an early twentieth century ocean liner – polished wood, leather furnishings, and touches of gold and crystal. It’s opulent without being ostentatious, glamorous without being gaudy, and the perfect way to give a bedroom real authenticity.

Dark wood or oak bedroom furniture keeps with the theme and, if it’s in the budget, try to add some leather – a small two seater leather sofa, a leather wingback chair or even a leather bed frame.



5. The Art Deco teal bedroom: patterned wallpaper and metallic accessories.

Deep teal and decorative Art Deco style are the perfect combination and one of our favourite teal bedroom ideas. Art Deco’s strong curves and cool geometric patterns work well with teal. Incorporate Art Deco elements like glass chandeliers, gold framed wall art and decorative mirrors, and opt for wallpaper for your walls instead of paint. Choose one with a strong geometric design, and complement with rugs and bedding that have equally bold patterns.

Original Art Deco furniture falls outside most budgets, so look for modern furniture pieces with an Art Deco design feel, like a fluted, fan-shaped or scalloped headboard, a wardrobe with a lacquered finish, a mirrored or high-gloss dressing table, or a beautiful leather accent chair.


6. The quick and easy teal bedroom: transforming taupe and cream.

Love the look of teal but short of time or money? This one’s for you. It’s based on two key design concepts: firstly, that a little teal can go a long way, and secondly, that you don’t have to spend a lot to make a big style difference.

If your bedroom is currently fairly neutral in colour, you’ll find that teal or, at a pinch, mid to dark turquoise, is the perfect complementary colour. Simply add inexpensive touches of teal here and there – a duvet cover, teal-themed wall art, a teal vase, or a teal cushion or two. If you’re able to splurge, a teal cuddle chair will provide a luxurious focal point for your teal design scheme.

Teal also looks fabulous with the rich warm tones of russet. Read our teal and russet article to see how.


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