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7 Warm and Cosy Bedroom Ideas

Bedrooms are meant to be warm and cosy – it’s one of the rules of life. If you want the perfect night’s sleep, demand nothing less than the colours and textures that feel the most welcoming and restful. Soft surfaces help us feel cosy and snug, while warm shades and varying textures soothe and relax us. Need a few ideas to turn your own bedroom into a haven of calm? Read on for our 7 warm and cosy bedroom ideas. These will take you from choosing the right furniture and accessories to planning the best colour schemes.
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1. Go overboard with soft and tactile surfaces

If you want a cosy bedroom, then why not? Get that sinking feeling, literally, with ultra-soft fabrics and deep cushions. This is the ultimate in cosy bedroom ideas.

It can start with the bed itself. Look for upholstered beds, covered in gorgeous fabrics and available in a selection of colours. Or maybe go for a simple metal or wooden bed frame, but paired with a lavish headboard – we have gorgeous buttoned, panelled and winged styles to choose from. Other furniture, from armchairs to footstools, can be upholstered in soft material such as velvets and silks.

Of course, the way you accessorise a bed can add to the softness. Look for a high-quality Tempur mattress with memory foam, or perhaps a mattress topper, for serious sleeping comfort. Then go crazy with cushions in all shapes, sizes and colours. Finish by adding some extra luxury with faux fur throws.


Cosy bedroom – velvet bed frame
Cosy bedroom – film style floor lamp

2. Create a cosy bedroom with warm lighting

The soft colours projected by some creative lighting solutions can add instant depth and warmth to a space. So top of the list when it comes to warm bedroom ideas should be lavish, layered lighting.

A bedroom can have multiple light sources, usually positioned on the floor, walls, ceiling or by the bed. Pendant lights hanging from the ceiling are very popular currently, or standing lamps, with a spotlight mounted on a tripod, will add a touch of glamour.

The ambient glow of these lights will add warmth to the room with very little effort. You could even consider LED lighting, which can be used to highlight architectural features or wall art, or run underneath the bed to give a floating effect.


3. Start with a white colour scheme

White has a sense of purity about it – a starting point from where anything is possible. Weave white into your cosy bedroom ideas for a nuanced, sophisticated effect.

Pick a white double bed, then add to the look with a matching chest of drawers and wardrobes. Choose bed sheets and accessories, or a wall colour, that is slightly off-white – maybe cream or a pastel shade to stop the look feeling sterile.

Keep the room all-white, or use it as a blank canvas to introduce some warming pops of colour through accessories such as cushions or vases. Blend in some oak bedroom furniture, and a white bedroom can easily start to lean towards a relaxing country or coastal theme.


Cosy bedroom – white chest of drawers
Cosy bedroom – wooden bed frame

4. Bring in natural materials

There is something about nature – with thick woodland, flowers and blue skies – that has the power to relax you. So you could bring nature into your home as one of your cosy bedroom ideas.

It’s fairly easy to make a wooden bed your starting point, supplemented with quality items like a pine chest of drawers. Natural wood textures can find their way into your bedroom in a variety of different ways.

But also consider other natural textures. A wool rug is a luxurious finishing touch, with suede and linen also soft and comfortable. Finally, bring the outdoors in with a green accent wall, or plants scattered around the room. Long, billowing curtains will make the most of a natural breeze.


5. Warm, cosy bedroom colours

If you’re craving more warmth in your bedroom, try including rich colours – think reds, oranges and yellows – as welcoming and warm bedroom ideas.The degree to which you apply them is up to you. Be bold, or maybe introduce a tropical or floral theme. Otherwise you could start with a neutral for the furniture, like grey or white, and work in warm colours with a yellow rug or orange cushions. Metallics can be warming too, so try copper lighting or a gold mirror.

Colour makes room feel cosy as long as the tones are warmer rather than cooler. A darker shade on the walls will help, so if you’re looking for cosy bedroom ideas try a bold grey or moodier scheme, complemented by soothing greens and blues. A grey bed frame with white bed linen will look good next to a wall of a similar shade.


Cosy bedroom – silky cushion
Cosy bedroom – oak bookcase

6. Include a personal touch in your cosy bedroom

Warm bedroom ideas come in all shapes and sizes, but nothing quite beats the warmth of the human soul – so get some items that are personal to you on display. This could be anything. Wall art by a favourite painter, or images you may have taken yourself from your travels – photos of family and friends smiling back at you is an easy way to add warmth too. Get these images together, and you could use floating shelves to create a photo wall.

Simple bedroom furniture, such as a white dressing table or bedside cabinet, is good for showing off pieces, or you could buy a display cabinet or open shelving to hold family heirlooms and other prized possessions.

If you like books, remember to include bookshelves, or set up a reading corner with an armchair and a floor lamp. Nothing is cosier than snuggling down with a good book.


7. Vary textures to add interest

Something that will make a bedroom feel both warm and cosy is an array of varied textures. Think chunky knits, velvets, linens, leather and suede, and any other fabric you can get your hands on. Include as many as you can to give your cosy bedroom ideas a boost.

Upholstered beds or a velvet chair might be a good place to start. Dress them both up with blankets, throws, cushions and quilts. Stick to a particular colour scheme, but mix up the textures as much as you can. Warm neutrals with soft textures works particularly well. And who can resist a deep pile rug that’s soft and comfortable underfoot when you get out of bed in the morning.


We hope that you feel inspired by our warm and cosy bedroom ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.

Cosy bedroom – deep pile rug


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