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Go 5 Star with our Luxury Bedrooam ideas

Creating a luxurious bedroom is a real pleasure. You’re dealing with your own private space, so you can – if you dare – be quite self-indulgent. Luxury is comfort taken to the next level, opulent, lavish and elegant. And, with a few clever tricks, it can be achieved on a budget too. Are you ready make yourself, and your bedroom, feel really special? If so, read on for our 12 luxury bedroom ideas.
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1. Make your bed the star of the show

All luxury bedroom ideas start with the bed, so go for grandeur if you want it to make an impact. You could choose an upholstered divan bed with a tall, buttoned or fluted headboard with or without wings, or opt for a velvet bed frame with a lavishly scrolled headboard and footboard.

If you’re a fan of wooden bed frames you might prefer a classic design in beautiful natural wood – or a fabulous mahogany sleigh bed. For added romance, choose a gorgeous metallic headboard with crystal finials. – We don’t sell these so should we mention?

If you have room, you can make your bed appear even more luxurious with a bedroom bench or chaise longue placed at the end of it.

Top Tip: Create a soft glow behind your bed with an inexpensive LED strip placed behind the headboard.


Luxury bedroom ideas – scroll end bed
Luxury bedroom ideas – mattress

2. Choose a mattress fit for a king (or queen)

It may be hidden away, but the mattress on your bed is the most important luxury bedroom idea of all. Recent scientific studies have revealed just how important sleep is for our health and wellbeing – from boosting our immune systems to our mental health, so it makes sense to invest in the best mattress your budget allows.

Top Tip: Try as many mattresses as you can and find out if you’re best suited to – pocket springs, memory foam, latex or a combination mattress.


3. Highlight your bedroom’s unique features

Here’s a very simple luxury bedroom idea. If your bedroom has any features such as alcoves, cornices or fireplaces then make the most of them. Highlight them with strategically placed lighting or by painting them so they stand out. If you have a character fireplace, hang a beautiful mirror or striking piece of wall art above it.


Luxury bedroom ideas – leaner mirror
Luxury bedroom ideas – botanical cushion

4. High-end bed linen

A luxury bedroom must have good quality bed linen. Even if you’re watching the pennies, you can pick up bargains in outlet stores so you don’t have to pay full price for those Egyptian cotton or linen sheets. Spray them with linen spray (lavender aids restful sleep) for an extra touch of luxury. It’s easy to create that fabulous Boutique hotel look with large and overfilled pillows and bolsters. And when it comes to scatter cushions, think of a number… then double it.

Top Tip: Hotels use a technique called ‘triple-sheeting’. Use a normal fitted sheet, then instead of using a duvet cover place your duvet between two larger linen sheets – the upper sheet can be in an accent colour. A bit of clever folding, and your bed looks stunning – and the laundry is easier too!


5. Upgrade your fixtures

Want to achieve an expensive look in your bedroom without breaking the bank? The secret is to upgrade your fixtures. Swap your plastic light switches for gold or silver ones, or change up wooden knobs on your chests of drawers for porcelain or metal. You can even replace tired lampshades or cover your existing lampshades with a bespoke fabric (just make sure it meets safety standards).

Luxury bedroom ideas – white dressing table
Luxury bedroom ideas – ombre vase

6. Luxurious houseplants

A great luxury bedroom idea, house plants bring any room to life and – if you choose the right varieties – they can even purify the air.

Palms and Peace Lilies look stunning and increase humidity; Aloe Vera and succulents release oxygen and are incredibly easy to care for; Lavender and Gerbera help you to sleep; English Ivy gets rid of airborne mould and impurities and a plant called ‘Mother in Law’s Tongue’ gets rid of all sorts of nasties from the air and oxygenates the room.

If you travel a lot or don’t have green fingers, artificial plants create that lush and luxurious look and are maintenance free.


7. Give your bedroom (and yourself) the 5-star treatment

Sleep in the equivalent of a 5 star hotel room every night with some finishing touches that are sure to make you feel spoilt. Fresh flowers, a bowl of fruit, a carafe of water and a beautiful water glass, chocolates, scented candles and white fluffy bathrobes to hand…absolute bliss!

Luxury bedroom ideas – marble console table
Luxury bedroom ideas – grey table lamp

8. Display what’s beautiful, hide what’s not

It’s a simple rule, but it makes a lot of sense. Show off your loveliest things, and hide everything else. Do you have a collection of perfumes in attractive bottles? Display them on a silver tray on top of a chest of drawers. Make sure your nightstand only has a few things on it – perhaps a framed photo and a stunning table lamp.


9. Choose less furniture, but better quality

Floor space is important for the luxury bedroom, so don’t have too much furniture or too large a bed. Buy less, but make sure the quality is good. Choose from glossy natural wood chests of drawers, marble and metal occasional tables, glamorous Deco mirrored dressing tables and plush modern semi-fitted wardrobes. If you can, have a bedside cabinet on either side of the bed as there is a grandeur to symmetry.

Top Tip: Can’t afford all new bedroom furniture? Invest in one or two key items, then add some upcycled or ‘new to you’ pieces in a similar style.


Luxury bedroom ideas – semi fitted wardrobe
Luxury bedroom ideas – buttoned bed frame

10. The colour of luxury

The colours most associated with luxury are gold, rose gold, silver, purple, royal blue and magenta. For a luxury bedroom consider these for your décor, whether you’re painting entire walls or picking out a luxurious colour in your accessories. A statement wall behind the bed is a popular luxury bedroom idea – either decorated in a rich colour or covered in an opulent, textured wallpaper or even silk.

11. Gorgeous metallics and fabulous fabrics

Golds, silvers, coppers and more. Metallics are perfect for the luxury bedroom and you will find them in side tables, bedframes and accessories such as lighting, vases and other finishing touches. Remember to be generous with your fabrics. Mix and match colours and textures, choose cushions and throws for your bed or accent chair, and dress windows with floor length curtains as well as blinds.

Luxury bedroom ideas – crystal table lamp
Luxury bedroom ideas – deep pile rug

12. Two ways with accessories

Our luxury bedroom ideas suggest two very approaches when it comes to accessories. The first is to have just a few, but with the ‘wow’ factor. Perhaps a statement chandelier or a large modern floor lamp, a deep pile rug or a velvet tub chair. The other approach is the maximalist approach, where more is definitely more. Only you can judge which works best for your bedroom but you can have fun browsing everything from statement clocks and leaner mirrors to wall art in every style.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our luxury bedroom ideas. For more, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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