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7 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

The curse of the small bedroom is a lack of storage space – especially when the bed itself takes up most of the room. And if the room has an awkward shape, perhaps in a loft space with sloping walls, it can be even tougher to find space for clothing and other possessions. But you can have a small bedroom feel bigger, and store everything away – you just need to do some clever thinking and choose the right furniture. Up for the challenge? Read on for our top 7 small bedroom storage ideas.
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1. The best small bedroom storage uses every space

The best answer to the question of how to utilise space in a small bedroom is to use every nook and cranny to your advantage.

The wall is perhaps the biggest unused area for storage you have. Try running perimeter shelving around each wall, about 12 inches from the ceiling, perhaps with hooks underneath, and don’t forget the space over the bedroom door either.

Get creative with your small bedroom storage, and make your walls and the back of your door suitable for hanging clothes and shoes, freeing up wardrobe space.

Having bedroom furniture the same colour as the walls makes it seem less intrusive – paint the walls white and you can get away with a bigger white wardrobe than usual.


Small bedroom ideas – wooden wardrobe.
Small bedroom storage ideas – ottoman bed.

2. Make the most of the bed for storage

Top of the list when it comes to small bedroom storage ideas should be buying a bed that allows you to place items in, under or around it.

The best option is a divan bed with lots of hidden storage built-in – go for a single bed or small double bed rather than a king or super king to save room. A divan bed with drawers works too, but even a simple wooden or metal bed frame can hide items underneath if you use low storage boxes with wheels.

The areas at the top and foot of the bed can be used for storage too. A low-profile headboard could allow for floating shelves on the wall above, or try a bookcase or clothes rack in the space instead. A small set of shelves or a storage ottoman can also work at the foot of the bed.


3. Storage ideas for a child’s small bedroom

Many of the best small bedroom storage ideas can be applied to a child’s room too – multi-purpose furniture and beds with built-in storage, for example. With toys, books, games and clothes to keep organised, you will need every storage solution you can get.

When choosing a child’s bed, a mid sleeper, cabin bed or high sleeper, raised off the floor, will offer built-in storage underneath. Some even include a desk and bookshelves.

When coming up with small bedroom storage ideas for children, be creative. Buy a toy box that also dubles as a bench seat, or invest in plenty of wicker baskets as a speedy solution for clearing away clutter. Use the largest one for stuffed toys.


Small bedroom storage ideas – mid sleeper bed.
Small bedroom storage ideas – desk.

4. Choose space-saving, multi-use furniture

What if one piece of bedroom furniture could perform the tasks of two or more pieces? A sofa bed is a great example, providing somewhere to sit and somewhere to sleep.

Need storage and a seat? An ottoman chest by the bed could pull double-duty here, or look for a storage footstool that can hide away items.

Try placing a small desk close to your bed, so it doubles as your bedside table. Or have your storage work as a statement piece that makes the space appear larger – a mirrored bedside table or chest of drawers adds a contemporary edge and reflects light around the room.


5. Wardrobes - the ideal small bedroom storage

Small bedroom storage has to be versatile to suit the space, and something fitted or even a corner wardrobe can make better use of the room you have. The ideal solution might be a sliding door wardrobe, as it's the most space saving.

The finish can help too. Try a mirrored wardrobe, place it opposite a window, and allow it to reflect natural light around the room, making the space seem larger.


Small bedroom storage ideas - built in wardrobe.
Small bedroom ideas – Jagger storage

6. Choose tall, slimline bedroom furniture

When choosing your small bedroom storage, avoid anything wide or with a low profile, as it will take up more space. Instead look for narrow, slender pieces, like a tall, slim bookcase or drawer unit.

Go for furniture that makes the most of its storage potential. The taller the chest of drawers, the more drawers it should have, for example. Choose a bedside table that has a good number of drawers – in a small bedroom, you can’t miss an opportunity when it comes to storage.

If you are short on space, you might shy away from larger furniture pieces such as a dressing table – but a narrow, compact design with storage might just work.


Small bedroom ideas – wall art
Small bedroom ideas - mirror

7. Try hidden small bedroom solutions

The best small bedroom storage ideas require thinking outside the box – or in this case, four walls. Hidden storage solutions, or furniture that can easily be tucked away, are all great solutions.

A fold-down desk or table paired with a foldaway chair that only come out when they are needed could work. You could even fold your entire bed into the wall, giving the appearance of a set of wardrobe doors when not in use.

While you probably need to steer clear of too many accessories in a small bedroom, you can still express your own unique style with decorative items that do not take up any floor space – such as mirrors, curtains and pieces of wall art. Mirrors and wall art can work magic in a small bedroom as they can open it up and make it feel larger.


So that's it, 7 small bedroon storage ideas to help you banish the clutter and make even the smallest of bedrooms feel bigger. So you have more room to relax.

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