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6 Clever Small Bedroom Ideas

Need some big design ideas for a small bedroom? You’re in the right place. These days, whether you’re renting or owning a property, especially in the city and with house prices out of reach for many first-time buyers, it’s quite common to end up with a small bedroom to squeeze your entire life into. Luckily, with some clever thinking and the right furniture, it’s perfectly possible to maximise a minimum space. Here are 6 design ideas to make small bedrooms feel larger.
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Mirrors make a small bedroom feel bigger

1. Go for lighter colours… and mirrors

With a small bedroom, try painting the walls white. Soft colours evoke space, while darker colours make the room feel closed in. If you’re worried about your room feeling too bare, however, try layers of white, off whites, chalky creams and pale greys, varying the textures and patterns for added depth. By sticking to neutrals as much as possible, keeping everything from the furniture to the walls a light, breezy colour, the room feels bigger and less cluttered.

Another trick is to introduce mirrors, as this instantly creates the illusion of a much larger room. If you can position the mirror opposite a window, then it will increase the natural light and, if it reflects greenery, it will also bring the outdoors in. You don’t even need to secure the mirror either – just lean a full-length mirror up against the wall. Or consider a wardrobe with a built-in full length mirror for the same effect.


2. Introduce bright or dark colours

The rule for small bedroom decorating ideas tends to be, go with lighter colours to make the room seem larger. But some colour can be worked in to add interest, without making the room feel closed in.

If your small bedroom is mostly white, try a feature wall with wallpaper that has a subtle decorative motif of flowers and leaves. Neutral flooring with crisp white walls, plus the floral pattern and minimal accessories result in a stylish, refreshing space. Or work with a single decorative motif, perhaps a favourite shape or print, into two or three forms, such as artwork, accessories and furnishings.

Position your bed in front of your accent wall, showcasing your bed’s headboard. Or create the effect of a headboard with clever use of reclaimed wood or flooring. Stick to white bed linen to create contrast and prevent the look becoming too busy, with coloured accessories to add more zest.

If looking for wallpaper for an accent wall, choose a large-scale pattern rather than an overly busy one which can make a room feel smaller.


Small bedroom ideas Tempur ottoman bed
Small bedroom – Ercol wooden bed frame

3. Maximise minimalism

The saying is that less is more, and in this case having less furniture means you have more floor space. With bedroom ideas for small rooms, you need to reduce the amount of furniture you might normally use. Somewhere to sleep and store clothes is essential, but occasional chairs and extra tables are not strictly necessary.

If there are a few items you really want your room, try not to make them too intrusive – choose a TV that can be wall-mounted (and preferably that’s not too big). Go for semi fitted wardrobes and built-in shelving, and if you want furniture items like a multipurpose desk and dressing table, consider a variation of the floating shelf design.

Symmetry works well in a small bedroom design, so double up on beside cabinets and lighting for an uncomplicated, easy-on-the-eye look. Pops of duplicated colour can give visual balance, as well as depth and energy.


4. Choose the right bed for your small bedroom

The bed is the most essential part of your small bedroom design, as it’s central to the functionality of the room, but can make the room seem even smaller if you pick the wrong one. Perhaps don’t buy a king-size bed, for example, or one that leaves very little room around the sides. Who wants to have to shuffle around to get past the bed?

There are ways to maximise space, of course – if you sleep alone, you can save space by pushing the bed into the corner of the room.

To make the most of your space, try a bed with hidden ottoman storage underneath, or with built-in drawers. You’d be surprised how useful this extra storage space is when your room is small.


Small bedroom ideas – ottoman bed
Small bedroom ideas – compact wardrobe

5. Get savvy with storage

Talking of storage, you need to be clever with it when you’re considering your small bedroom ideas. A good trick with storage and shelving units is to think vertically – in other words, tall and thin, building upwards. Shop with us for narrow-profile bedside cabinets, or tall, narrow chests of drawers.

If you need a wardrobe, go for a model with sliding or bi-fold doors, which both work well in small spaces. If you can’t open the doors fully outwards due to your bed or other furniture being in the way, these designs are a great alternative. And if the wardrobes themselves are semi-fitted, they are easy to remove and take with you when moving house. Many come with mirrors built in too, which add to the feeling of space in the room.


6. Look for multi-functional furniture

One of the best small bedroom decorating ideas is to pick furniture that can serve more than one purpose. One bigger multi-functional piece in a tiny space is going to work a lot harder for you than several smaller furniture items could. An ottoman bed is handy storage for winter (or summer) clothes, a dressing table can double as a desk, you get the idea.

The most obvious piece of multi-functional furniture in the bedroom is the bed itself – if your bedroom is also your living room you could purchase a sofa bed, and you have some handy seating during the day when friends come round to visit. And you could buy a coffee table that also works as your bedside table.

Look for cabinets or shelving with cushioning on the top, so they also work as seating. Or nesting tables that can be stacked easily, and wall-mounted shelving or desks that can be folded away. All are great space-saving tips and give the room added functionality.

In a child’s bedroom, a classic multi-functional item is the mid- or high-rise sleeper bed, with a single bed raised much higher than normal, allowing for desks and storage to be fitted underneath.


Small bedroom ideas – sofa bed


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