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8 Grey Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom needs to be relaxing, and the best way to create a serene space is with a neutral colour – right now the most popular neutral with designers is grey. Incredibly versatile, it can be lightened up, working with pastel shades for a traditional, classic feel, or darkened down, even paired with a metallic silver, for a modern, industrial approach. Here are 8 grey bedroom ideas to help you perfect the look.
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8 Grey Bedroom Ideas – Furniture Village

1. Aim for a warm, cosy grey bedroom

More than any room in the house, the bedroom needs to feel calm and restful, with the perfect setting for sleep. Introducing different shades into your grey bedroom will make it feel more serene. Start with one shade for the walls, then pick another for your grey bedroom furniture, and again for your finishing touches, including your grey cushions or bedspread.

Varying the shades stops the grey theme feeling too bland. Use white alongside your grey palette to soften it further – a white chest of drawers, for example. You can also introduce different textures, such as wool or a metallic, just to give more depth.

Some designers find it easier to create a relaxing space with a lighter grey on the walls. Try a soft shade here, then add luxe white furnishings and some cosy textiles. Sleep perfection!

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White chest of drawers in grey bedroom

2. Mix up your grey bedroom furniture

You don’t need to stick to one particular shade of grey when it comes to your bedroom furniture. It is much easier to buy soft furnishings and ornaments when you are not being too strict on one specific colour. So when it comes to grey bedroom ideas, add some softness with an oversized grey headboard in one shade, then vary the materials and colour with some metallic legs on your bedside table or seating, or with your light fittings.

Minor upgrades can add other layers and textures. A mirror on the wall, a string of lights and an ottoman stool at the base of the bed, giving a bit more storage and an extra seat, can all add depth, while a grey rug and cushions give more warmth.

Pillows and cushions are an easy way to introduce lots of different grey shades and textures at once. Don’t hold back – just pile them on. Go with large cushions, soft velvet covers, faux furs and even a shiny metallic.

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Grey headboard on Hypnos bed – grey bedroom ideas

3. Add impact with dark walls

While a lot of designers choose to start with soft grey walls, that does not mean avoid dark grey at all costs. When considering your grey bedroom ideas decorating in a darker shade is something you might worry makes the room too dark or cold. But it can make it seem cosy – important for the bedroom.

Having a dark grey on the walls – or just one wall – provides an amazing contrast to bold, graphic patterns. A lighter grey headboard, or one with an unusual design, can really stand out against a dark grey backdrop. Soften the look further with pops of pink or lime green in your accessories, and lots of lighting and colourful cables.

A smoky charcoal grey on the walls will help you channel that boutique hotel vibe, which you can build on with a mixture of velvet, warm timber vibes and metallics. Light-coloured wall art and mirrors can help stop a dark wall seem too overpowering.

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4. Metallics in the grey bedroom

Silver tones and other metallics work very well in a grey bedroom, and can even add elegance and a touch of glamour. Try a feature or headboard wall with a patterned wallpaper that introduces a subtle metallic effect, then accessorise the room with blue velvets and faux furs.

If you want to channel that vintage glamour feel, the headboard is a good place to start. An ornate scrolling design will help to set the theme for the rest of the room, which you can carry over into your dressing table and other bedroom furniture. Mirrors and pendant lighting will help continue the look.

Also don’t be afraid to mix your metallics – silver, the obvious pairing for grey, works well with gold. Just take care, so that the overall effect does not overwhelm.

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Large rectangular mirror
Dove grey bed with fluted headboard

5. Make the bed the focal point of your grey bedroom

It’s the biggest piece of bedroom furniture there is – and you can use a big bed to your advantage in your grey bedroom design. Go for a king size bed, or the biggest you can manage, then decorate and complement it with cushions and throws. It becomes a blank canvas to help build your theme.

With an upholstered headboard, or a bed with a metal frame, the chosen colour can blend in with or contrast with a feature grey wall, and you can make it work with the accessories you choose. The headboard, for example, is a very underestimated focal with so much potential. Be artistic here and you can really make a statement.

A bed with a pale dove grey headboard looks fabulous against a dark grey accent wall or a feature wall with patterned grey wallpaper. Use lighter shades for the bed linen, with bright white pillows. Add pops of colour with textured throws and silky cushions.

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6. Focal feature furniture

You don’t necessarily have to make the bed the focus of your bedroom – other furniture can work too. Look to an antique dresser, a wide chest of drawers, a quirky night stand, or even something unusual, like a hanging chair. All work well for grey bedroom ideas.

Vary the shades of grey with these pieces too – not being so strict with your chosen colour will make it easier to find items to introduce to your scheme.

Mirrors work well with a grey colour scheme and can soften the overall look if darker shades are used for the walls. In which case, why not introduce a beautiful grey wardrobe with mirrored doors? A mirrored wardrobe will make the room seem bigger, and if you choose a model with bi-fold or sliding doors, it will not seem as intrusive as one with doors that open outwards.

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Sliding door semi fitted wardrobe in grey bedroom
Geometric teal and taupe cushion in grey bedroom

7. Greys with pops of colour

If you’re looking for an accent colour that works well with grey, then take your pick. Go for bold, bright or pastel, they will all stand out against this popular neutral. So when you’re looking at grey bedroom ideas decorating with just about any colour will work wonders.

Blue and grey is a classic combination. Go for a grey wall first of all with a blue tone, then complement it with your accessories. Be bold with a blue chair, and continue the theme in the cushions and other ornaments.

Or go for something light and refreshing. Pink and grey work well together, as does lime green, showing just how versatile grey can be. Look for tactile fabrics and other standout furniture pieces to make your room seem extra special.

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8. Light up your grey bedroom

Grey is the colour of shadow, so make this work to your advantage in your grey bedroom with your choice of lighting. Not just in terms of the lamps, candles or sconces you introduce, but with blinds, curtains, voiles and nets, which can all be used to dim the outdoor light and create a mood.

If using pale greys, make the most of the natural light you already have in the room – if you have a large window, work with it rather than against, and opt for lighter shades.

With a dark room, due to the grey used or the lack of natural light, you will need some extra lamps. Try ceiling lights and also mirrors to get the maximum effect. A glass or reflective chandelier is the best of both worlds, both projecting and reflecting light around the room.

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Grey bedroom ideas – the Deco table lamp

We hope that you feel inspired by our grey bedroom ideas. For more home styling tips, visit our Home of Inspiration.


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