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Interiors 101: How to dress the perfect bed

As the focal point of our rooms, our beds need a lot of attention when it comes to interior design. From headboards adorned with fairy lights to cool and calming colour schemes and gorgeous throws, read on to find out how to dress the perfect bed.
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It’s quite possibly the greatest place on earth. We love it so much, in fact, many of us dread the minute we have to leave it, and spend much of the day fantasising about getting back in to it. We are, of course, talking about the not-so-humble bed. The place we go to rest, relax, snuggle and snooze. But more than just a den of cosiness, the bed is the focal point of our bedrooms (the clue’s in the name) meaning that it’s particularly important to get right when it comes to interior design. Not only do we want our beds to feel great, we want to them look fantastic too. But, however hard we try with our décor, we run the risk of everything falling flat if the centrepiece of the room has nothing more to offer than a tired old duvet.

It’s time to read up on how to give your bed the makeover both it and you deserve. From sumptuously cushioned headboards to cool and calming colour schemes and gorgeous throws, we’ve got it covered… no pun intended.

Colour scheme: Getting it right

Think of your bed as the heart of your room from which everything should radiate in harmony. It doesn’t matter where your inspiration comes from – a spread in a glossy magazine, something you’ve seen on TV, a luxurious throw you’ve seen in a department store or a piece of artwork on your wall – pick a colour palette you love and stick to it. If you want bright and sunny vibes, go for white bedding with splashes of bright greens and yellows. Or if you want your room to be a haven of tranquillity and relaxation, go for soft, dreamy blues and calming greens.

It’s a good idea not to match your bedding directly to your walls, unless you’re going for the clean, all-white look. Imagine a room with pale teal walls, then add white bedding with accents of aubergine and pale greens to layer up on that palette. As a rule of thumb, white bedding works with almost any colour scheme, if you’re feeling stuck. But if you’re going for white walls, bedding with a delicate pattern can add texture to the room.

Soft furnishings: The stuff of dreams

There’s nothing quite as alluring as a plump-pillowed bed, adorned with luxurious layers of cushions and throws – the true heroes of the interior world. Think soft satin throws, Moroccan blankets, embroidered bolsters and beautiful linen cushions. Or get creative and adventurous with silk, cotton, faux fur or even mini pom poms. As long as you’re sticking to your chosen colour theme and style, there are endless ways to dress your bed beautifully.

If you’re going for a neutral, stripped back feel, light linens and soft cottons work wonderfully. Opt for pale blues, creams, taupes and greys and select light-weight throws that cover the foot of the bed but don’t feel over-bearing. For a more eclectic look (we hear boho is back), choose raw textures and weaves, and don’t shy away from bright splashes of colour to offset earthy tones. Cushion choices can be much more spontaneous and the ‘mismatched’ vibe works well with the textured Moroccan, Mexican and Navaho themes. Throw together larger, statement cushions with small ones and choose from different shapes and fabrics too, as long as they all tie in with one central theme.

Lovely lighting: Get the glow

As the sun goes down, bedroom lighting comes into its own. It’s all about achieving the right amount of lovely, soft lamplight to illuminate our beds in a way that’s warm, hazy, and utterly dreamlike. It’s not about washing out all our efforts to achieve the perfect bed with a stark overhead light.

If the bed is in the middle of the wall as opposed to a corner, always place a lamp on a bedside table at each side of the bed to create balance. Go for white-based lights to create a warm glow, and avoid blue-based ones at all costs, unless you’re going for ‘hospital waiting room chic’, and we doubt that you are. We love lamps with dimmers as you can crank up the light to be a little brighter for reading, but then can dim for that half-lit, cosy feeling. And why stop there? Add to the romance of metal bed frames with strings of fairy lights, bringing another element of twinkly texture to your room’s lighting.

However you decide to decorate your bed, just remember that if there’s any place in the house that’s all about you (and, well, perhaps your significant other too), this is it. So, make sure you create a space that not only reflects your personality, but that meets all your comfort needs too. That might mean a grand, velvet upholstered bed frame, big fluffy blankets and squishy cushions, or a simple slatted wood headboard, light airy throws and crisp layered sheets. Whatever the look and feel you go for, just remember you spend it around a third of your life in there. Better make it count.


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