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How to choose a dining table.

Choosing the perfect dining table isn’t as easy as it sounds. But by asking yourself these three simple questions, you’ll be much better equipped to get it right.
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Your dining table can say a lot about you, whether you’re an intimate diner, part of a big family, or someone who loves to throw extravagant parties. And when a good dining table is set to last five-ten years, it’s important to choose one that works with your lifestyle.

But for many of us, this is easier said than done. While we love decorating our homes, those big interior design buys that need to be both visually on-point and useful from a practical point of view can throw us into a spin. Especially when it comes to the investment pieces that are both expensive and integral to the entire look of a room.

With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to run through a few simple questions that everyone should ask themselves when trying to choose the perfect dining table. Ask yourself these, and you’ll be on your way to making that all-important purchase and, what’s more, to getting it right.

Why is it so important to have a good dining table?

When you’ve taken the time to rustle up a meal for yourself, your friends or family, and whether that’s a Sunday roast, an Indian curry, or a simple-but-scrumptious pasta salad – you deserve an equally great dining table to eat at. But many of us let this notion slide, either by neglecting our tired old dining tables (using them as a dumping ground for papers, coats and everything else that comes to mind), or not bothering to invest in a decent one in the first place.

But without one (either physically, or because its buried under all of our worldly possessions), it’s seriously tempting to eat out more often than not, or to have yet another sofa-date with a takeaway and our latest Netflix series. But dining out every night can really take its toll on our finances, and as results in our recent study on the life-changing magic of reclaiming the dining table show, eating on the sofa – or on the go – can have harmful effects on our physical, mental and social wellbeing.

With that in mind, we think dining tables are essential for every home. Aesthetic considerations aside, they’re a place where you can catch up with your friends and family, away from all the distractions of modern technology. So without further ado…

** What type of material will suit your needs?**

Let’s think about materials. There are so many to choose from when it comes to dining tables, it can be hard to know where to start.

Have your heart set on a timeless look and prefer not to rejig your furniture too often? Explore the world of oak dining tables for a classic style – one that’s built for endurance. There’s nothing quite like authentic, wooden textures to bring a rustic, natural feel into your home, perfect for lovers of classic, homely designs. Plus, wooden dining tables are easy to clean and maintain – so it’s a great pick for families with children (where spillages will happen more often than not). Oak furniture in particular is really hard wearing, so if you need a table that won’t shy away from heavy usage, this could be the perfect option for you. Just be sure to dust your wooden table regularly – and use only recommended products.

Alternatively, you might prefer a table with a sleek, contemporary theme. Glass-finish tables are smart, ultra-modern and sophisticated and, while you’ll need to clean them frequently to remove those inevitable fingerprints and smudges, spillages can be cleared away as if by magic.

If you have a soft spot for industrial chic design, a table that incorporates a mixture of materials such as glass and metal, or metal and wood, will not only fit with your décor theme but bring it to life too.

** Are you working with limited space?**

It’s vital to get realistic with space. Namely because you may have to get a bit more creative to make a comfortable and versatile dining area when you’re short on it. But, don’t worry – even if your home or dining room errs on the cosy side of things, there are tons of options that will enable you to make the most of the space including:

** Extendable tables**

If you love hosting dinner parties but don’t have the room for a huge table, consider an extendable option such as this beautifully handcrafted Furnitureland California Extending Round Dining Table. This will allow you to create extra dining space at the drop of a hat, perfect for when you’re having guests over or simply need more room for your Sunday lunch spread.

Round tables

Round tables are ideal for smaller spaces, as they don’t take up too much room and can be easily moved. This elegant white Bubble Round Extending Table is easily extendable and will look stunning against a sleek, minimalist backdrop. Plus, it works a treat for every type of dinner – whether that’s an intimate evening with a loved one, or the ultimate dinner party for up to 10 guests when fully extended.


Do you want to make a statement?

For some, interior design is all about clean, understated styles but for others – it’s about creating a space that demands attention. If the latter sounds like you, you might be better suited to a dining table that really makes a statement to create the kind of impact you crave. In this case, don’t shy away from choosing something less traditional, like this Long Island Extending Dining Table, which catches the eye with its unusual brush stainless steel base and stylish marble top. When choosing a dining table, it can be easy to get caught up in practical considerations alone, but don’t forget that your furniture can be just as much a part of your home’s design as the colour of its walls and the accessories you buy.

Alternatively, if the answer to this question is no, aka you’re more at home with simpler, more pared-back furniture, just by acknowledging this you’ll have a clearer idea of what to look for too. Now you know that traditional, tasteful but ultimately no-fuss furniture is your thing, you can narrow down your search to those chic and timeless pieces.

Hopefully by now you’ll have a much clearer idea of what you want to get out of your dining table. Part of the battle with interior design is simply getting to grips with what’s important to you and what your home can realistically accommodate. Now you’ve assessed the situation in a bit more detail, all that’s left to do is hit the shops with your newfound knowledge and find the kind of table that’ll have you smiling for weeks. Happy hunting!


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