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More Top Gardening Tips From Gardening Express

Are you embarassed by your balding lawn? Are your flowerbeds under attack from bugs and slugs?

Never fear! Chris from Gardening Express is back with another batch of top tips to make sure your garden is ready for barbecue season. Whilst you're at it, take a look at our brand new range of garden furniture - including everything from al fresco dining tables to oh-so comfortable hammocks.

The final cut The beginning of this month is the last chance to give your roses a good prune. Don't be scared to cut back growth to a third or less - they'll reward with new branches and more blooms.

Keep an eye out for frosts Be aware of any weather forecasts that predict night frosts and protect vulnerable new shoots..

Time to get mulching Once your beds and borders have had a good tidy and feed, apply a thick layer of mulch before plant growth takes off.

Birds are your friends In the garden these feathered fellows help control pests and like to nest, so consider putting up a box or two. If pruning any large shrubs keep an eye out in case they've already started nesting.

Get the mower out On a dry sunny day, you might be able to give the grass its first cut this month on the highest blade setting. Remember to give your mower a quick service if it's not been used for a while though!

Time to feed Your beds and borders will love an application of general purpose plant feed right now, it really does improve your plants.

Shady characters Hostas and ferns can brighten up shady spots under trees - get them planted now!

Got a bald spot? If your lawn has bare patches, rake them over and scatter with fresh seeds to rejuvenate the missing grass.

Dead head your daffodils Once these bright spring flowers have finished, remove the spent blooms, but not the leaves - this will improve next year’s flowers.

Critter-proof plants If you've got a problem, and no one else can help, maybe you should consider critter-proof plants - some gardens are plagued by bugs, rabbits and even deer in rural areas, do your research and replant with resistant varieties.


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