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5 thoughtful things guests will be grateful for in your spare room

When you’ve got a guest coming to stay you want them to be as comfortable as can be. Whilst fresh sheets and clean towels go without saying, there’s plenty more you can do to make your spare room feel like home.

Are you a perfectionist? Do you often have guests over to stay? Then this article is for you. Read on to find out how to be the host with the most… and then some.

It’s a good feeling when your guests have something complimentary to say about your home.

But the holy grail of guest success? When they have something good to say about staying in your home! A successful overnight visit is a sign that your house not only meets the mark, but well and truly surpasses it.

We all know the basics: clean bedding, fresh towels and somewhere to stow the suitcase. But if you really want to stand out as the host with the most, there’s a lot more you can do to give your guests a stay to remember.

Overlooked by many, these thoughtful finishing touches will make your friends and family feel well and truly cared for and give your guest room that 5* feel.

1. The perfect night’s sleep

At times we can all be guilty of focusing solely on the appearance of our guest room, without ever really considering its comfort. After all, we don’t have to sleep in it, do we? One way to get around this would be to give it a go for one night at least, so you get a true-to-life indication of what it’s like to be a guest on your home. This way, you’ll be able to hone in on what the room is lacking in order for it to be as comfy as your guests deserve.

When it comes to your everyday mattress vs your every-once-in-a-while mattress, it’s understandable where your priorities lie, but there are ways to give your spare bed an extra layer of comfort without the cost of investing in a top of the range mattress.

To make the most of what you’ve got, simply add a quilted mattress topper – or go one better with a topper made from memory foam, the stuff of comfort dreams. While neither of thesewill break the bank, they will add a layer of luxury for your guests.

Offering extra pillows, throws and blankets means that no matter which way your guests like to sleep, they can cool down, layer up or add more cushioning – all depending on their own personal preference.

2. Somewhere to unwind

Often your guests will want some time to themselves before getting into bed for a good night’s rest. Winding down properly, after all, is an essential part of getting the brain into bedtime mode. With this in mind, think about additional furnishings that will make your spare room feel more homely, providing a space not just for sleeping but for relaxing in too.

When it comes to unwinding, nothing beats comfy, fabric armchairs to curl up in as your guests read a book, make a call home or watch a bit of television (if the room has one – and if it doesn’t, perhaps that could go on your list of thoughtful finishing touches too!). We love the Nelson Fabric Armchair which comes in multiple muted tones with beautifully intricate buttoning and stitching, giving a high-end feel to any guest room. Alternatively, The Comforter Fabric Armchair puts comfort first while bringing relaxed and classic style to any room. Its cushions are filled with a luxury fibre for extra comfort.

3. All things self-care

Something that often goes overlooked in guest bedrooms are the tools for our all-importantself-care routines. There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve forgotten one or more of life’s essentials when staying at someone else’s house, so save your guests the trouble of asking to borrow by providing them with a few thoughtful bits and bobs to get them through their stay. Think travel sized shampoos and conditioners, moisturiser, face wipes, toothpaste and even nail varnish remover. And, don’t forget to provide your guests with a full-length mirror and hairdryer.

Remember, if you’d need it – your guests will too. We love the Lambeth Cheval Mirror in silver for an affordable full-length that offers a stunning focal point and doesn’t even need hanging on the wall – perfect!

4. Storage

If house guests are a rarity, a spare room can quickly spiral into a storage unit. That dress that hasn’t been worn in five years? Those golf clubs that haven’t had an outing since 2005? “I’ll put them in the spare room out the way…”, you mutter. And off they go to the land of storage limbo.

It can be easy to fall into this habit, but when your guests come to stay it’s time to give your spare room the best clear out you can. If there’s still an excess of clothes and boxes you can’t possibly shift, be sure to provide a tasteful clothes rack for guests to hang their possessions. And always clear out at least one of the bedside drawers so your guest has somewhere to stow away their socks and underwear.

If they’re going to be staying a little longer, it’s nice to include a laundry bag or basket so that they can differentiate between clean and worn clothes rather than shoving dirty clothes back in their suitcase. If you’re feeling extra kind, you could always give them a wash and an iron too.

5. Bedside necessities

A bedside lamp is a flat-out necessity but there are other, less obvious, things that your guests will be relieved to have in reaching distance.

Why not leave out the Wi-Fi password for when they arrive? That way they don’t have to ask you to connect them. And put out a universal charger that your guests can use to plug in their phone, e-reader or electric razor in case they’ve forgotten their own. No plug nearby? Pop an extension cable as close to the bed as possible.

Putting a bottle of water on the table will be a lifesaver, too. We all know the feeling of waking up in someone else’s home in the middle of the night in desperate need of a drink. Do we sneak down to the kitchen and risk waking everyone up? Or do we persevere and go the rest of the night parched!?

And finally, do let your guests know that all these things are intended for them to use. There’s nothing worse than staring at something you need in someone else’s home, but not feeling permitted to use it.

Having guests stay over can pile on the pressure, but with these often overlooked tips you’ll be prepared as can be. One thing we will say though, is to have your excuses ready, because with such a comfy and cosy place to stay you might have a hard time getting your guests to leave!

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