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How to Achieve a Vintage Style Décor

The style of “vintage” is about creating charm and uniqueness with expressive pieces of furniture or accessories linked to a certain time in history. With vintage style décor, your home can exude eclectic charm or a feeling of grandeur and extravagance. Retro stylings and finishes can add an artistic touch, and bring a comfy and homely feel to any of your rooms.
Hints & Tips

Retro and vintage décor can enhance any living space, creating an atmosphere and ambience that’s welcoming and cosy for guests as well as family. So how exactly can it be realised? At Furniture Village, we’ve gathered together some tips on how to create a beautiful, vintage inspired home.

Going light and floral or dark and snug

When it comes to the vintage look, there are many different styles you can replicate in your home. Two of the most common are light and floral designs or dark and snug compositions. The first might boast a collection of exquisite French-style furniture with curved legs and flamboyant details such as dainty metal pulls on gorgeous white painted drawers. The latter embraces luxurious leather sofas such as the Chesterfield, with its luxurious buttoning and grand scroll arms. Pair with a distressed travel trunk acting as a coffee table for a rich, inviting look. Both offer a sense of comfort and warmth in their own unique ways, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding on your overall theme.

Make a statement with leather sofas

The obvious way to introduce vintage or retro style into your home is with antique style furniture. Auctions are a great place to start, yet sometimes you may find many pieces are too worn down to be a practical choice for your home. Alternatively, the antique look can be brought into your living space with pieces from our leather sofa and armchair collections. Discover a vintage styled leather armchair that can bring your desired vintage interior trend to life whilst offering you modern comforts and benefits.

Natural and exposed woods

Vintage wood creates a feeling of warmth when you walk into a room. Distressed wood flooring can evoke a rustic old world feel, whilst showcasing a loved and worn look. Exposed knots and blemishes within sideboardsand dining tables encapsulate the vintage design in natural wood and allow you to achieve your desired look.

Eclectic and one-of-a-kind home accessories

One of the gorgeous aspects of vintage is being able to create one-of-a-kind furnishings within your home to help build your look. A collection of similar yet different scatter cushions adorning your distinctive 2 seater sofa, or a selection of ornate frames embellishing a back wall adds a diverse appeal to your home collection. An eclectic energy can be at the heart of vintage, so harness it and seek out lavish ornamental pieces such as a stunning antique globe or copper antler skull – characterful home accessories sure to give your room a unique feel.

Upcycle to add character

Vintage style can be achieved by upcycling old products and using them in slightly different ways than you’d expect. Take an old glass cake stand and adorn it with necklaces and bracelets for a striking and unusual jewellery stand, or add a little charm with a floral tea cup candle holder.

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