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Our top 9 green living room ideas.

A green living room makes a sophisticated statement – whether you choose bold décor with rich hues of teal or forest green, or a soft, calming sanctuary in shades of sage or mint. Here are our 9 top tips for styling your living room with green – read on for our favourite green living room ideas.
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1. Beautiful blends.

There are hundreds of greens to choose from to bring your perfect green living room to life. Take your time choosing your favourites. From fresh, minty greens, lush tropical greens with hints of yellow or vibrant, bluey teals there’s a shade to complement almost every other colour. Popular pairings for a gorgeous green lounge include sage with millennial pink, teal with soft grey or russet or – if you’re feeling bold – emerald with cobalt blue or purple.

Combining green with whites, creams or soft greys creates a wonderfully restful vibe – many green living room ideas are based around this fresh and calming colour combination. Think modern and minimalist, Scandi influenced or country house style interiors.

And if you simply can’t get enough of a good thing, you can layer different shades and tones of green to recreate the tranquil feel of natural woodland.

2. Be bold with a green sofa or accent chair.

The writer of Sleepless in Seattle, Nora Ephron famously said: “Don’t cover a couch with anything that isn’t more or less beige.” Yet green complements so many other colours it’s almost as versatile as a neutral. So if you love the colour, treat yourself to a fabulous green sofa, sofa bed or accent chair – whether it’s a green leather recliner, a luxurious velvet teal couch or a Scandi style sofa with a buttoned back and pale, tapered wood legs.

Key green lounge idea: If you’ve decided on a green sofa, decide on it before you choose the rest of your décor. As the main focal point, it will be central to the style and colour palette of the room.

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3. Wall to wall green for glamorous Deco style.

Green living room walls are a great way to bring this sometimes soothing, sometimes vibrant colour into your life.

All living room ideas (not just green living room ideas) include this tip – if your chosen colour is particularly rich or bold – in the case of green perhaps a deep forest green or a strong teal – you might want to paint just one accent wall.

However rules are made to be broken… and some maximalist or Deco interiors can take the extra colour. And you can always break up a green wall with framed photographs, wonderful wall art or larger than life statement mirrors.

Eye-catching upholstery and soft furnishings contrast beautifully with matte walls and art deco accents, introduced through accessories to bring a high-end feel to the space.

Darker shades needn’t be confined to the realms of winter, but can be used throughout the year to create elegant, soothing spaces.

4. Accessories to make your guests green with envy.

No list of green lounge ideas would be complete without accessories – the quickest way to add splashes of glorious green into any living room. Plants are an obvious choice, from Zen like grasses to lush, glossy swiss cheese plants there are as many choices are there are shades of green. Real plants oxygenate the room and are great for your health and wellbeing, but artificial plants look just as convincing as the real thing, and you don’t need to worry about over or under watering.

Add sophisticated touches with key accessories such as a lime green shaded lamp, a teal green silk cushion, a plush pale green rug or a vivid green vase. You can even find abstract wall art or landscapes in shades of green to add to the mood. If you’re feeling bold, make a statement with a funky green coffee table or nest of tables.

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5. Green with wood - a natural combination.

Green is a natural earth colour, and wood is from nature so it’s no surprise that they work so well together. You see this calming combination in many fresh Scandi style and modern interiors. Simple mid-century modern wooden furniture looks beautiful against a green wall or placed on a green rug, while a green accent chair complements a richly grained wooden floor or an oak coffee table.

Dark and glossy wood furniture is dramatic set against forest or emerald green for a rich and decorative look, while in a country living interior oak sits beautifully with a soft sage or pale olive green.

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6. A modern match - lime green with geometrics.

One of our favourite green living room ideas is to pair fresh greens such as uber-fashionable lime green, with bold geometric patterns. Large rooms with expansive corner sofas particularly suit this stunning look. Throw in blush pink or other pastel shades to the mix for a fresh, contemporary feel or keep the colours simple for a modern, minimalist vibe.


7. Iconic with Gentleman’s Club and Industrial Style décor.

There’s something very grown up about using the colour green in your home. A Gentleman’s club style living room often features the iconic green glass reading lamp for example. The Industrial style also works beautifully with green, as it goes so well with the warm tones of reclaimed timber and the cool notes of metallics – imagine a stunning industrial style console table placed against a green feature wall. Both Gentleman’s club and Industrial style interiors often feature iconic brown leather sofas and chairs – the sort that only improve with age. No list of green lounge ideas can ignore the appeal of a timelessly stylish brown leather sofa or chair juxtaposed with a green rug, wall, lamp or cushion.


8. Beautiful botanicals and the Bloomsbury look.

The Bloomsbury look is enjoying a resurgence, with the Arts and Crafts influence now cropping up regularly in smart contemporary interiors. And, as this style makes great use of the colour green, it has to feature in our list of green living room ideas. Floral cushions are piled on comfy sofas and armchairs with lavish scroll arms, while glossy houseplants bring nature into the home. The Modern Bloomsbury style includes beautifully crafted wooden furniture such as an iconic coffee tables or cabinets from Ercol, earthenware ceramics, interesting textiles and plenty of books and art. This style of interior very much suits a strategic use of green – whether it’s a bold feature wall decorated with William Morris wallpaper – who doesn’t love the Strawberry Thief pattern? – or some interesting green accessories.


9. Central to hot tropical décor.

The tropical look is very much on trend – and lush, strong greens are of course central to this fabulous interior style. Think green tropical print wallpaper, leaves, fronds and ferns with flashes of gold and antique brass. Velvet sofas, silk cushions in vibrant plains or tropical prints and lavish marble topped console tables add to the luxe, over-the-top feel.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our 9 green living room ideas and that you feel inspired as you create your own chic, sophisticated living room starring this wonderful colour.


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