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Grey and Yellow Living Room Ideas

For home interiors, grey is here to stay. Fresh, contemporary and hugely versatile, this neutral shade continues to be a popular choice and it’s easy to see why. Whatever your personal style preference, grey shades are adaptable and harmonise with a wide range of colour combinations and trends. If you’re planning to redecorate your living room and want to include this contemporary neutral in your space, we’re here to help. Whether you love the opulent elegance of Parisienne style or the relaxed flair of the bohemian trend, there are plenty of ways to incorporate grey into your living room. In this article, we’re focusing on the classic combination of grey and yellow. Neutral, soft and relaxed, grey tones help to prevent yellow hues from overpowering the room, while the brighter shade works to uplift your space and add a feeling of warmth and vibrancy to the room. However, not all shades are created equal. To create a grey and yellow living room that really works, it’s important to choose shades that complement each other. Keep reading for our list of grey and yellow living room ideas that are sure to inspire.
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Grey quilted sofa with yellow quilted cuddle chair

Bohemian ambience with chartreuse yellow and dark grey

Inspired by the French liqueur, chartreuse yellow is a vibrant shade with green undertones. In fact, this bright colour is often described as being exactly halfway between green and yellow.

The bold vibrancy of this shade is perfect for with the bohemian trend. When paired with complementary colours (such as teal and rust) and harmonising neutrals, chartreuse yellow adds a funky and fun vibe to your space.

This bright colour is at its best paired with darker shades of grey as it typically has cooler undertones, meaning slates or charcoals are your go-to hues. These deeper colours help to prevent your chartreuse from becoming too overwhelming and balance your living room décor. Consider using lighter grey shades or even crisp whites on your walls to keep your bohemian living room light and airy.

For a real style statement in your grey and yellow living room, look for a yellow sofa in a comfortable fabric. This will be the focal point in your space, so add accents of dark charcoal to anchor your décor like a grey coffee table or scatter cushions in mix-and-match patterns.

Grey Sofa with Yellow Chair and Blue Footstool
Grey G-Plan Footstool

Contemporary country style with buttery yellows and warm ash hues

Grey and yellow living rooms are often associated with sleek contemporary style, however, these hues also lend themselves well to more traditional interiors. If you prefer a country-inspired look, go for warm grey and yellow shades that work well together, for example, butter yellow and warm ash are a particularly good match. These hues will retain their period charm, while still looking contemporary and fresh in your living room space.

To dress your living room, think about incorporating grey and yellow florals. If you’re looking to make a statement, you could add floral wallpaper in butter and ash shades. When paired with grey sofas in a country style, and perhaps a statement yellow armchair, you’ll find this combination both relaxing and contemporary.

To prevent your grey and yellow living room from becoming too twee, add in rustic furnishings such as a coffee table or side table in warm wood to help make your space look and feel cohesive.

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Parisienne flair with lemon shades and muted greys

Parisienne interior style is classic, effortlessly chic and awash with understated opulence. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many want to add a little French flair into their living room spaces.

Often associated with shades of white and natural wood, Parisienne-inspired interiors can be colourful too. To achieve this elegant look in your grey and yellow living room, look for muted hues. Pastel lemon yellows marry well with cool pale greys and these should be integral to your living room colour palette.

Floral prints will add to the romantic look and feel of your space. Try adding a statement grey and yellow floral wallpaper to one wall, using a soft grey elsewhere to keep your French-inspired interior understated.

For your furniture, look for ornately carved pieces in your colour combination. A yellow armchair will add contemporary style as an accent piece, but be sure to add plenty of grey shades to prevent this colour from becoming overwhelming. For example, a luxurious grey rug in a muted shade will keep your space cohesive. Consider including some white furniture as well, such as an ornate white coffee table, to keep your grey and yellow living room airy and fresh.

Yellow Chair with Yellow & Blue Footstools

Stylish Scandi with rich mustard yellows and dark charcoals

When putting together grey and yellow living room ideas, no list would be complete without the classic combination of mustard yellow and charcoal grey. These two shades work together beautifully and lend themselves particularly well to the ever-popular Scandi or Nordic style. The grey hues help to introduce a calming ambience to your space, while the warm mustard yellows bring warmth and a quirky sense of fun.

To achieve the Scandi style in your grey and yellow living room, it’s important to look to the heart of Scandinavian design. This trend is defined by décor that is beautiful, simple and functional and to this end, you should choose your furniture pieces carefully, for example, a grey or yellow modular sofa in a simple design would work well. Consider using a storage footstool in a contrasting colour too, these are great for adding extra seating and will help to keep your scandi space clutter free.

In terms of your living room furniture, look for pieces in a light wood. For example, wooden coffee tables or bookcases in pale shades will contrast the richer mustards and charcoals, as well as add to the Scandinavian look and feel of your living room.

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