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7 Country Style Living Room Ideas

Country-inspired design is timeless. Defined by subtle elegance and a classic ambience, this is a trend that simply never goes out of style. It’s versatile too. Country décor can be incorporated to living rooms of all styles, shapes and sizes. From small areas to large lounges, this trend can be styled to suit your personal design preferences, as well as the needs of your living room. If you’re renovating your lounge or simply wish to add a hint of country-inspired cosiness, we’re here to help. From choosing your colour scheme to selecting the perfect furniture, you’ll find plenty of country living room ideas below.
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Green velvet chair, pot plant, cushion

1. Choose your country-style colour scheme

As we mentioned above, this trend is incredibly versatile. When it comes to choosing your colour palette, it really is a case of what works for you. However, there are a few things to think about. Creating a welcoming feeling is key when choosing your country living room colour scheme. It’s a good idea to look for hues that create a sense of cosiness and relaxation. Warm-toned neutrals and soft shades often work well, although there is plenty of opportunity to add colour too. If you prefer a lighter colour scheme, think about incorporating classic neutrals with elegant shades of sage green or pastel blue. For a bolder statement, you could include a deep navy blue or forest green.

Beige sofa, velvet and floral cushions
Wing back buttoned leather armchair by fireplace

2. Make the most of focal features

Fireplaces are a staple in country style living rooms. If you have a log burner or fireplace in your lounge, make sure you make the most of this feature. Think about adding a statement mantelpiece in rustic wood or painted in a contrasting colour to your wall shade. This will help to make this feature a focal point of your space. If you can, arrange your furniture around your fireplace for maximum impact.

If you don’t have a fireplace, it will still be important to make the most of the key features in your space. For example, highlighting period features, such as wooden beans or decorative cornicing, will help to add depth and interest in your living room.

3. Incorporate natural textures

When putting together your country living room ideas, it will be important to think about how you can make it as welcoming and cosy as possible. Natural textures are often included in this trend for this very reason. Wood, natural fabrics and metal items add layers to your living room, which will help to add depth and richness to your design.

Depending on the type of country style you prefer, it will usually be a good idea to choose wooden furniture and accents for your space. Rustic pieces, such as wooden coffee tables or bookcases, work particularly well. You could also think about mixing your wood types, such as choosing an oak coffee table paired with side tables in a complimentary wood type.


For your sofas, look for classic pieces in natural fabrics. To create a cosy feel, sofas with linen upholstery work particularly well. If you prefer a sleeker style in your living room furniture, consider choosing a leather sofa that works with your overall design choices.

Cream pillow back corner sofa

4. Add textiles for comfort

Textiles are a must for your country living room. Along with your natural textures, textiles work to layer your space and add a comfortable ambience. A shaggy or plush rug is an easy way to add both texture and cosiness. Look for shades that compliment your overall colour scheme; understated shades tend to work best with this type of rug. If you want to, you could make your rug a key feature of your country living room space. Consider choosing a decorative piece with a beautiful pattern. Antique-inspired prints or floral designs work well. Cushions and throws are another easy way to add textiles into your space. Mix and match your colours and prints to really add depth to your lounge.


Halo Kingston Mews leather sofa

5. Choose timeless furniture pieces

It goes without saying that your furniture is key when creating a country living room. The style of sofas you choose will be integral in creating a farmhouse-inspired feel.

Classic sofa designs work best with this trend. Traditional shapes with beautifully crafted detailing will help to ensure that your living room feels cohesive and comfortable. For a real style statement, you could choose a Chesterfield sofa. These are a mainstay of country design and are available in a plethora of different fabrics, shapes and prints.

Alternatively, for a modern take on farmhouse style, you could look for a corner sofa with hints of classic design. For example, sofas raised from the floor with decorative legs are a contemporary way to add traditional charm.


6. Enhance your living room with flexible lighting

As with any living room, lighting is essential for creating ambience. In fact, lighting is even more important in your country living room.

This style is defined by comfort and relaxation, which means it is vital to be able to control the lighting levels in order to create ambience.

To do this, be sure to add plenty of lamps alongside your overhead lighting. Decorative table lamps on side tables or sideboards typically work well, particularly when you chose statement styles. Try to add at least two different table lamp sources; these can be switched on or off depending on the mood you wish to set.

You may also want to try adding a floor lamp. This will help to layer your light sources at different elevations, which will add interest and sumptuousness to your lighting system.


Urn Smoked Chrome Table Lamp
Grey painted and wood bow front coffee table

7. Make your room work for you

When putting together your country living room ideas, it is a good idea to think about how you use your space. Whether you love to watch films as a family, cosy up next to the fire with a book or spend time entertaining, it will be essential to tailor your living room to you.

Whatever your requirements, country living rooms are comfortable and usable. For that reason, it will be important to not only think about your décor but also practical solutions for storage. Clutter and everyday items can detract from the cosy ambience of the room, so consider how you can incorporate storage into your overall design.

For example, an elegant storage footstool in a luxurious fabric is a great way to add extra seating and storage. Equally, a classic coffee table with drawers is ideal for adding easily-accessible storage space. For children’s toys or extra blankets, you could consider beautiful storage boxes or baskets in a natural texture (such as wicker or linen).


We hope that you have been inspired by our country living room ideas. For more home décor ideas, explore our range of articles for style tips and inspiration.


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