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Could 80s furniture be making a comeback?

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Furniture Village, we’re taking a look at 80s home décor fashion trends to see what sort of products Furniture Village would have sold when it first opened its doors in 1989.

The 80s is much loved for its music, outrageous clothes and sensational children’s toys, but most interior designers and home makers will agree that it’s a decade of décor they’re desperate to forget. However, are all 80s trends really as bad as each other, and are some classically 80s pieces sneakily showing up in our home designs once again?

Glass topped tables

In the 80s almost every coffee table, dining table or side table was glass topped, often with the rest being a chunky wood. This trend was definitely sent out of fashion as more modern, sleek and minimalist tables became popular in the 90s and 00s. However, chunkier, eye catching coffee tables have been making a comeback recently, and a glass topped one can create and illusion of space and light in a small, dark room. The Nathan Shades occasional glass top round coffee table will give your living room an 80s twist without looking over the top.

Metal beds

Metal beds were all the rage throughout the 80s, with big metal bedsteads occupying even the smallest of rooms. Even though you may see a metal bed dressed up 80s style and be instantly put off the idea, metal bed frames with a modern edge and beautiful bedding can give any bedroom a luxury, regal look and we have a great selection with a variety of metal beds to suit everyone, such as the Amelie bedstead.

Pastels and mauve

One of the biggest trends of the 80s was pastel colours, especially light pinks, corals and mauves. From frilly pillows to sofas to bed sheets, dusty pink shades were everywhere, in every room. While we may not necessarily place light purples and pinks at the top of our colour list when planning a room, a statement piece of mauve furniture, such as the Gainsborough Creations sofa in cranberry, can be just what you need to tie the look of a room together with a pop of unusual colour.

Feminine florals

No 80s room would be complete without at least one floral pattern. Florals in the 80s were a lot smaller and daintier than the big bold patterns of the 70s, and while we may think of smaller florals as outdated, when featured on one statement piece they can give a room a fresh summery feel without looking shabby. The Ercol Evergreen collection is a great place to start if you’re experimenting with throwback florals in your home.


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