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Go Boho with Furniture

Bright colours, beautiful pieces of furniture, homes bursting with quirky character; boho is back in a big way. It offers the opportunity to show off your creativity, but just in case you need a little help, we have a range of bohemian furniture to help you get the look.
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Go boho with furniture

Boho. It’s short for bohemian which is long for quirky and cool. Think bright colours, beautiful pieces of furniture and rooms bursting with character. If that sounds like a place you’d like to live, here’s how to make your home a stylish and creative space.

Colour and pattern. And then more pattern.

Boho style is all about layering. A floral armchair with geometric cushions all resting on a patterned rug. A big antique bed with knitted blankets, geometric quilts and flowery pillows. It’s bright, bold and beautiful, the outward manifestation of your inner creative side.

To get the look, it’s best to start with a key piece, like a big bright boho sofa. It can be a single tone – you can add layers of colour and pattern with accent cushions – or a print. But pick something that you love. With boho furniture style, it’s your own personality that you’reputting on show and if you work too hard at deliberately creating a look, it’ll lack authenticity.

Antique style and vintage charm

Antique pieces are a great place to start. Traditional oak furniture, carved or embellished,lends itself beautifully to boho style, both in material and style. Think wing chairs, bureaus, and upholstered dining chairs. Even if you don’t have a dining table, vintage dining chairs still have a place in the boho home as they make great extra guest chairs or accent chairs against a wall.


In with the old – and in with the new

Combine old and new pieces for the eclectic look that's at the heart of boho style. Pair an old chair with new accent cushions and you’ve got yourself the perfect boho armchair. And amodern neutral sofa with a brightly coloured vintage throw is an easy way to a boho sofa.

Rattan and lace boho furnishings

Colour is key in boho style but neutral tones still have a place – especially if they’re textured and have a natural feel. Wicker or rattan furniture (even garden furniture, and especially garden furniture painted in white or soft pastel shades) looks fabulous in a living room setting when used in moderation. And white or cream lace in the form of cushions or a throw turnsan ordinary chair into a boho armchair.

Have fun with accessories

As with many interior styles, boho design is all about the details. In fact, a few well-chosen and carefully placed accessories can turn a familiar living room into a boho haven. Pick scatter cushions in bright colours, bold patterns and soft, luxurious fabrics like silk and velvet. Choose wall art that’s whimsical or nature-based. Introduce potted plants – or get really boho-creative and make yourself some macramé plant holders that suspend from the ceiling. Boho furnishings are easy to find and some are very easy to make, too.

The really good news is that there’s nothing neat and tidy about boho style. Edges don’t have to be finished, seams don’t have to be neat, and patterns don’t have to match (in fact, they shouldn’t). So pile your boho sofas and boho chairs with boho cushions and simply sit back and relax.


The boho bedroom

Boho style isn’t just for living rooms. Oh no, this gorgeous and often feminine design aesthetic is a great look for creative, relaxing and beautiful bedroom spaces too. Think a vintage metal or richly-toned wood bedstead piled high with colourful patchwork quilts and feather-filled pillows. The boho bedroom furniture look is easy to create – simply combine vintage furniture like a dresser or tallboy with new rugs and even a home-made lamp shade or three.

Ultimately, what makes boho style so appealing is its personality – because it’s your personality too. Let your imagination go wild as you mix and match colours, patterns and eras to create rooms that reflect your own taste and creative side. By bringing together old and new, you’ll find you’ve designed something timeless in its appeal and entirely unique.


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