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8 ways to update your hallway

When guests arrive at your home, does your hall have that all-important ‘wow’ factor? If your honest answer is no, you’re certainly not alone. From piles of shoes and discarded newspapers to tired paintwork and general clutter, many hallways lack style and creativity. Luckily, help is at hand. The Furniture Village in-house designers are here to help you transform your entrance hall with our top tips to turning a too-often neglected space into one that’s warm and welcoming, stylish and functional.
Hints & Tips

1. Paint your hallway in soft, pale hues

Depending on the style of your home, it’s best to opt for paler colours in a hall to add a feeling of light and space. White is an obvious paint colour choice as it reflects light to make small spaces seem bigger, or you can opt for something just as pale but a tad more interesting – soft blush pink, light dove grey, white with a hint of lavender, pale putty or soft mint green. Most entrance halls tend to be quite dark areas and much narrower than other rooms. Painting the skirting boards in the same shade as the wall will help walls seem bigger, ceilings higher and the overall sense of space greater. For the more adventurous, a light and bright feature wallpaper along one wall or a series of large and light-toned pieces of wall art will add an unexpected pop of designer style.

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2. Use mirrors to bring light and space to your hall

A mirror is an interior designer favourite for a hallway, a stylish and effective trick to creating the illusion of spaciousness and guaranteed to make a narrow space feel twice as wide. If you have a small hallway, choose an oversized mirror to enhance the space. Round mirrors are very on trend at the moment, and work perfectly in both contemporary and classic homes. Opt for a mirror that has a slim and ultra-modern metal frame if your hall is on the smaller side, or something a little more decorative if it’s larger, or has a high ceiling.

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3. Introduce a made-for-the-hallway console table

Console tables were invented for hallways. They’re perfectly proportioned for these narrowest of rooms – most console tables are between 30 cm and 40 cm wide – and are taller rather than wide. They often have drawers or a shelf (or even both) so they pack plenty of practical features into a relatively small piece of occasional furniture. And they quickly create a fabulous visual focal point for anyone entering your home. Even the smallest hall looks good with either a small console table or a low bench to add interest. There’s a whole range of styles to choose from, too. Polished stainless steel console tables with glass tops are perfect for a darker hallways, all oak or painted wood console tables suit a more traditional home, and industrial style tables with natural wood surfaces and sturdy metal legs look great in contemporary spaces. Choose one with room underneath to house baskets for shoes, scarves and bags.

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4. Create additional living space in your hall

Give your hall a cosy welcoming vibe and, you never know, family and friends might be encouraged to hang out longer. If your hallway is larger or squarer, transform it from a place that people simply pass through into a more functional space like a reading nook or a small chill-out zone – another space where you can grab a few minutes of peace and quiet, catch up on email, answer a phone call or finally finish that last chapter. For a busy family, this kind of extra space is always welcome so make your hall cosy and comfortable by installing a rug and a smaller armchair or accent chair.

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5. Turn your entrance hall into organisation central

If your hallway is roomy enough, use it to house useful extra storage furniture. As everyone usually sheds personal possessions – school bags, work bags, coats, keys and shoes – the minute they walk through the door, having extra storage capacity will help you stay on top of the clutter. Think about installing a large basket for discarded shoes, a sideboard with deep shelves for school bags and briefcases, a hallway table with baskets and bowels for keys and travel cards, or a bookcase for magazines, letters and other bits and pieces. A handy coat stand is another practical idea if space allows, and rotating winter and summer coats will help you keep the area relatively streamlined.

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6. Bring your hallway to life with greenery

Adding vibrant greenery to your hall in the form of real or even artificial plants will bring a peaceful, lived-in look to this often-neglected space. This is one design feature where more is definitely more – an abundance of green can’t help but bring empty corners to life. If you lack the proverbial green thumb or feel you can’t devote enough time and energy to plant maintenance, a beautiful glass or ceramic vase of flowers is an equally stylish touch. Rotate displays with the seasons, using fresh blooms in the spring and summer and a stylish arrangement of branches and baubles for Christmas time.

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7. Illuminate your hall with statement lighting

A stylish table lamp adds useful extra light as well as increasing the stylish ambience. Choose something large and bold if your hallway is more expansive, or a smaller task lamp if space is at a premium. Either way, a table lamp helps bring a cosy vibe to your hallway – and your home. Placing an eye-catching pendant ceiling light in the entrance way works as an attractive focal point, leading visitors into your home. Bright lighting is a practical choice too, especially in the darker winter months.

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8. The hallway as art gallery

For a stylish yet personal look, frame your favourite prints and family photographs and create a gallery wall in your entrance hall. For the best effect, choose a mix of frames and sizes – and be sure to plan your arrangement on the floor before you hang your pictures or photographs on the wall. Prefer a piece of wall art? You’ll find there’s a huge range of contemporary wall art on offer, from abstract canvases to photographic pieces. A large clock is another way to make an impact in a hall – and a practical feature to help usher those morning stragglers out of the front door.

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