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Introducing the National Sleep Helpline: sleep support for everyone

With UK adults averaging nine nights of broken sleep each month - that’s 5.5 billion disrupted nights each year - the UK’s sleep debt is very real. But when it comes to offering sleep support to those in need, our stretched NHS just doesn’t have the resources.
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“We’ve always believed that sleep is equally as important as diet and exercise yet we know the UK is really struggling to sleep, particularly with the ongoing effects of the pandemic” says Charlie Harrison, Furniture Village Commercial Director.

“With Furniture Village’s support, we’re empowering the nation to have a better night’s sleep,” says Vicki Dawson, CEO The Sleep Charity. “We strongly believe that sleep is a right, not a privilege, so this Helpline will make a real difference to anyone who’s struggling right now.”


How does it work?

The phone lines will be staffed by fully qualified sleep advisors offering free, confidential support and guidance on everything from sleep hygiene to mindfulness techniques. It’s a reassuringly safe space for anyone needing advice. Although they cannot give medical advice, they can talk through your issues, offer you some practical strategies and recommend services that could help.

Tell me the details

  • The National Sleep Helpline telephone number is 03303 530541
  • The service is available five days per week, Sunday to Thursday, 7pm-9pm
  • Calls are charged at local landline rate

Who will it benefit?

Anyone struggling to sleep. We know how debilitating lack of sleep can be, especially when it’s cumulative. Says Vicki: “We want to ensure that everyone has access to high quality, evidence based advice regardless of age, ethnicity, background or income.”


Meet Peter

8-year old Peter wouldn’t sleep for longer than three hours each night and his young brain was exhausted. Lacking focus at school, he didn’t have the energy to play with his friends and felt angry much of the time.

With the support of The Sleep Charity, Peter learned breathing exercises and settled into a nightly routine. Most important of all, Peter’s parents changed his bedroom environment to encourage rest. Peter now sleeps through the night, has made new friends and decided he wants to be a fireman.

How is the National Sleep Helpline funded?

Furniture Village is funding the first year of the helpline. If demand for the service proves as strong as we anticipate, we’ll be looking at alternatives, such as grants, to help fund the helpline on a permanent basis. Please donate to support this wonderful cause.


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